Nora's Art Shop: Backgrounds and Overlays! (Free But Credit Required)

Hi guys! Hope you’re doing well! This thread is created for requesting backgrounds and overlays. I can edit your required background or do customization (this includes if you want your background to have something specific like a poster on the wall, etc.). These are not from scratch but the edits are. No payment is required; these are free but credit is required and you have to follow some rules I’ll leave. I work independently and I adore editing backgrounds and doing overlays but it does require a lot of time, effort, and energy hence why if you want any backgrounds or overlays, you have to follow these rules down below.

  1. You have to have me followed on Instagram: noraauthor
  2. If you’ll use my background, you HAVE to credit me as a reader message at the scene or at the end of the episode. If you’ll have the background included as part of your post on your Instagram, you have to tag me.
  3. You can’t claim that the work and background edits are yours.
  4. Fill out your request form:

Lastly, if you wanna support me further, check out my story Outrè Asteria.

These are the following backgrounds that I’ve created. If you’d like to use these, you have to follow the rules above.


All the background look amazing :grinning:

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omg will definitely be using in the future !! all of your examples are stunning & your work is amazing ! :heart_eyes:bookmarking ! :))

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Thank you!

Thank you so much :heart:

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np ! :blob_hearts:

Hi I just did the form and your backgrounds look amazing