Normal balcony background needed please!

Can someone make me balcony background please? Something that looks normal (like a street or parking lot or even community pool view, not the ocean or mountains). Also from the view of the characters looking out from the balcony to whatever is the scenery.

I can’t find anything on google that’s big enough.
Thank you!!!

Hey! Is this fine?

I edited this, so if you like it make sure to credit me by my forum name! :heart:

This works. Thank you so much!
And yes I will credit you.

Great to hear, and no problem. Enjoy! :blush:

Hello, when I tried to upload your balcony to the backgrounds feature it said that the image was only 1035x612 in size instead of the at least 640x1136 that they require for uploads.
Is there anyway you could make the image taller please?

this is really late but I hope this helps you HOW TO: Resize Images