Norman Rockwell

Any Lana fans here? Have you listened to the new album? What do you think of it? And what is your favorite song?

I personally loved the album, definitely worth the wait! I’d say my favorite song is “Love Song” but I also Have “Norman Rockwell” on repeat, so idk :thinking:


The album was honestly so much better than I expected and kind of gave me vibes way back to her first album :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:. ‘‘Norman Rockwell’’ is one of my favorites but I also really love “Mariners Apartment Complex” which I’ve had a repeat.

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I seriously thought this thread was made by a hardcore Norman Rockwell fan. I’m a bit sad now. You know what, I’m still going for, Norman Rockwell was iconic.


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Yeah it’s really hard to only choose one! The visuals for “Doing Time” were also AMAZING, I enjoyed every second of it

I love how he did his self portrait.

I feel like he proves the high art world is BS, they completely condemned him to kitch and hotel art but I think even the banal subjects of his earlier work is important in dissecting societies idealized version of itself in a previous era. No matter how far back you go people will always want for a simpler time of American “greatness”.

Honestly this might be my favorite Lana album yet. It’s crazy to see how much she’s evolved.

Favorites are Cinnamon Girl, Happiness is a Butterfly, F*** it I love you, Norman F*%#ing Rockwell, Mariners Apartment Complex, and Venice B**%#*!!!

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His name is as well known as any of the high artists. Now, he gets a mention in popular music. That’s an honor.

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