Not Adding CC In Stories

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I’m not going to say anything about the ‘no CC’ element of a story because I’ll just be repeating what everyone is saying above.

If you wanna make it less likely for a reader to alter the appearance of your characters but still make them happy, I suggest you put the CC in at the end I go the first chapter or at the beginning of the the 2nd episode. This way when the reader gets to the CC they will already got attached to the character and their appearance therefore are less likely to change the appearance!!

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if i added cc for a sibling of a main characters sibling, do you think they’d settle for that? the sibling would still have a large portion of the story but not as much as a mc.

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Personally I don’t care much for cc. I’ve read a few stories that had such well written characters that I didn’t care about the customisation at all! Not to meantion that usually when a story doesn’t have cc, the characters are very distinct with a precise look/vibe/personality. The choice is up to you really, but one advice I have if you decide to leave cc out, is to create unique and diverse characters, so that people with different taste can have a small variety to choose from :wink:


I think it’s plausible. Whether the readers would settle for it or not, it’s up to them to decide.

personally i would read the story either way, but i usually like to least have one mc customization, even if it’s limited for like eyes, but ofc it is up to you! :white_heart:

I would love it if Episode included telemetry on what people click on in our stories. I’m sure the number of people who spend time CC’ing their character isn’t as big as everyone thinks.
Personally I can’t be bothered anymore, the faster I can get to the story the better.


i actually prefer no cc stories!

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