Not all cliches are bad

I woudnt participate in a hate cliche thread and never did! So I ask you to do the same please!

If they hate cliches, what are they doing on a appreciation thread?

You did, however, participate in a “stop talking if you don’t agree with me” thread. You started it. That’s why you got a lot of backlash.

Trolling. They would be trolling on an appreciation thread. Kinda like what you’re doing on here by trying to silence people. Asking people to be respectful would mean you’d be allowed to get any trollers flagged for going off-topic. Unfortunately for you, anyone defending their right to criticise stories on here wouldn’t be off-topic (regardless of whether or not you changed the name) because you started this by trying to shut them up.

If you don’t have a favorite cliche story or have something respectful and nice to say about cliches, please do not post! Thanks!

You don’t have a right to stop people from posting because you already started this thread as an attack.

I said what you did! They can post here their opinions as long as its respectful for cliches, I dont want hate

It’s kinda hilarious how hypocritical this is, since you were complaining that people don’t let you say your opinion.


If you start a thread telling people to shut up, they have the right to defend themselves.

If you create a neutral appreciation thread now separate of this one and people start criticising cliches, you can get them flagged for being off-topic.

Okay! Can you PM on how to get a redemption :pensive::pray:t2: I want peace :blush:

If you decide to flag people for defending themselves on this post, you would be the one going against guidelines for unfairly flagging people.

It’s pretty simple. Start a thread where you don’t tell people what to do and remain neutral on the whole topic of whether cliches are good or bad. As soon as you say “cliches are good”, people are allowed to say they disagree. Don’t make it about that.

I don’t care how sarcastic you’re being. It’s pretty simple stuff and it really pains me that you’re struggling to understand such basic logic.

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I’m not being sarcastic :confused: I just want peace :frowning:

Then make the thread and appreciate cliches in stories with all the other people who appreciate them, instead of attacking the people who don’t like them. :woman_shrugging:t4:

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A separate thread that didn’t start with you attacking them.

Yes! You’re right! I’m sorry everyone! I just wanted people to not hate on cliches because they can actually be good! Maybe we didn’t read the same stories, sorry once again!

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That was really big of you to admit that!

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Closed due to violation of the Forum General Rules: Excessive off-topic posting. Please review the Guidelines before creating new topics. Thanks :slight_smile: