Not all cliches are bad

Exactly! The only time any complaint about cliches on the Episode forums could be considered libel (and not slander) is if the story didn’t have any cliches in it and the writer lost out somehow as a result of that: if people stopped reading their story because they thought it had cliches when it didn’t or if Episode banned their stories for having cliches or if they lost money or if they were being personally attacked as a result.

Then the writer, not the story, would be the victim of libel.

As soon as you prove it does have cliches in it, though, it’s no longer libel (and definitely not slander).

As a part-time journalist, I need to say to everyone that slander and libel are very serious accusations and shouldn’t just be thrown around for you to try and hypocritically commit libel against anyone who disagrees with you.


I’ll reply to these later.

To be honest, to decide if a story is good or bad, it depends on what you like to read.(and grammar or use of language, but that’s another topic)
Are all cliches bad? I don’t know. But tbh, most love stories follow the same storyline- MC meet love interest, fall in love, then comes problems, they have to solve it then happily ever after.
So you could say all stories are cliches. But they’re not all bad stories.lmao this isn’t even making sense my english is terrible
So stop fighting against each other. It’s just opinions. A good story doesn’t mean it’s not cliches, and a bad story doesn’t mean it’s cliches.


Yes! I agree! All stories are cliches because in deep down, all storylines are the same. The story tells you the events that MC go through, so, every story is cliche! No one should be writing then!

That is really not the definition of a cliche.

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Okay, here’s a “law” for this forum site.

Calling stories bad is not a problem. I wish that was the only thing you people would call the cliche stories.
Many many many, forum users call stories insults (ex. shit, trash) and expect people to respect their opinions.

I literally just stated my opinion and told people to stop whining about every story on the trending section (in fact, i told them they can whine about inappropriate ones since they are harming community) but once again, people that are soooo entitled to their opinions came to this thread, absolutely refused to see any other pov, and then put up the “it’s my opinion!!” act.

Plus didn’t you say this?

Idk :woman_shrugging:

It says “a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.” soooooo, following the statement “The story tells you the events that MC go through” it indeed does make stories cliche

Everyone can have an opinion. If you think that every story is cliche, it’s your opinion. You don’t have the right to attack people who don’t agree with you.

No one is attacking anyone… you can swipe up and see how hostile people were just because i said that not all cliches are bad…

please read carefully, thanks.

You can’t tell people to stop whining about cliches.

And why is that? People tell INK fans to stop asking for updates and start writing in LL. Also, I’ve said “stop whining about every god damn story” you can whine about inappropiate ones for all I care

Lol, so you all are allowed to call cliche stories whatever you want (including insults) dedicating threads for them but when I state my opinion and say “stop whining about all, not all of them are bad” I am disrespecting opinions.
lol k

The updates are a completely different thing. Episode CAN’T update INK.

Actually, they can. And they still do. They will come back to INK once LL is complete. And they still have hundreds of hidden items to share.

They can’t at the moment because they have technical difficulties.

You said they can’t update at all :woman_shrugging:
But they did update clothing for men while ago. Sooo, they can update?

Quote me one time I called cliche insults.

Why do you think everything is revolving around you??? I said YOU ALL that is multiple people. jc

Those were clothes they already made.

Did you see this…
It says hidden