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Hey! I’m posting this on all of my social medias or w/e!
This is not for my SIFF project entry but a smaller project that’s actually due in two days! It’s a nationwide project about “Heroes around Me” and I am writing a PSA-like short story about the Mental Health Crisis in our generation. Would anyone like to V/A? If so, I need two characters: Someone willing to play a mother and someone willing to play a daughter. These are free roles and I will sadly not be able to pay. The only criteria needed to be met is that you must be able to get the audio done by tomorrow, 2:30PM Pacific Time, and that you have to be thirteen or older. If so, please DM me on either this website, Tumblr or Discord!

My Tumblr: @kcjenkinsoffical

My Discord:


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I would love to play the daughter!
I have a mic at home too!

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Awesome! Can you send me a DM of your voice? Preferably soon- any quality will work! <3

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