Not getting my 4 passes


I am reporting this bug since I had used 4 passes and it has been almost 7 hours and I haven’t got my passes I have been going to the Episode app and checking if I got my passes but my passes are still 15 so could you guys please help!!!


My passes didn’t refill in 7 days. I hate this bug


I’m really sorry to hear that this is happening =(. Please submit a ticket to our support team :nerd_face: who is more than happy to help. Thanks! :smiley:


If only they replied. They’ve been ignoring me for 10 days, so I got fed up and marked the request as solved, only to send another ticket.


I hate to say this, but closing it and sending a new one only increases the amount of time it is going to take for the team to get to your new ticket. Due to high ticket volumes for this season the team has fallen a bit behind but are working hard at trying to address everyone’s tickets. I truly am sorry for the inconvenience. Can you please pm me your ticket number? Thanks. :peace_symbol:


This actually isn’t a bug; it’s a conscious decision Episode has made. Check out my thread here APP: Reload 4 free passes every 4 hours if you’re in support of getting your passes refilled again.