Not getting notifications


I’m not getting pm or topics on watch notifications.

@chocolate_mama has the same problem.

@Jeremy what’s going on

Yo Episode something is wrong with our notifications

Moved to Site Feedback since this seems to be a Forum issue. Have you checked your preferences to see if anything is toggled on/off?


So like me and a few people aren’t getting our notifications and like are just confused ya know?


I’ts happeing to me 2 :frowning:


Support this is so annoying


So sad @Chocolate_Mama


Mine is all messed up to. Not getting notifications half the time and now mine won’t even pull up on my computer like I can’t get forms to work at all and on my phone it don’t show me half of what people comment on or send me messages of it’s crazy.


Yeah then like later on it’ll all just come bursting back.


Yes. I don’t know what’s going on but wish it would get fixed soon.


It just got fixed


Mine are working again. :smirk::joy:


Yes we tried everything. Didn’t work. But it just started working again


Weird. Might be a temporary glitch. My internet cut out a little while ago and things didn’t load properly. Could be something similar happened to you, but I’m no expert. :wink: