Not leaving the scene right

So this is what I want her to do.
@ HOPE faces left AND HOPE walks to spot 0.840 226 131 in 2
What she does is stay facing right and walks to a spot in screen right but I spotted her in a stop to the left and coded for her to faces left…I have no error or anything like that. She’s just not doing what I coded and I’m not sure why.

Here is the hole scene
&cut to zone 2
@ JAZMIN changes into JAZMIN_NIGHT 2
&HOPE spot 0.840 99 143 AND HOPE faces right AND HOPE is dance_wavehands_happy_loop AND JAZMIN spot 0.840 174 329 AND JAZMIN faces right AND JAZMIN is sleep_lay_uncomfortable_loop
@transition fade in magenta in 1.5
Senior year, senior year.
HOPE (talk_excited_happy)
Come on Jaz its time for the first day of your last year of high school.
@ JAZMIN is standup_neutral AND JAZMIN spot 0.741 241 189 AND JAZMIN faces left THEN JAZMIN is idle_exhausted_loop
@ JAZMIN walks to spot 0.804 182 151 in 2 AND JAZMIN is walk_exhausted_loop AND zoom on 438 282 to 262% in 2 THEN JAZMIN is idle_exhausted_loop
JAZMIN (talk_exhausted)
Mom please not so loud it’s too early.
HOPE (talk_apathetic)
Well if someone had gone to bed when I asked and not set up on the phone with her boyfriend for two extra hours.
HOPE (talk_handsonhips_neutral)
Then that someone wouldn’t be so tired.
JAZMIN (talk_explain_neutral)
But I have missed him and he just got back last night from football camp.
JAZMIN (talk_armscrossed_neutral_loop)
Two weeks is a long time mom.
@ JAZMIN is idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop AND HOPE is laugh_giggle
HOPE (talk_smile_happy_loop)
Oh to be young and in love again, go shower and wake yourself up dear and come down for breakfast when ready.
@ JAZMIN is eyeroll_sarcastic
@ HOPE faces left AND HOPE walks to spot 0.840 226 131 in 2
JAZMIN (yawn_bored)
(Better go get that shower and get ready, need to look cute for my first day.)
@ JAZMIN walks to spot 0.804 14 155 in 2

Your X-value where you placed her is 99 (she’s kinda like towards the left)

226 is a higher X-value than 99 so she is walking toward the right. 226 leans toward the right, NOT left.

Check out this graph on X coordinates in Spot Directing so you get an idea:


screen right = spot 1.280 270 0

No I want her to walk out of the scene to the left. Everything else is how I want it. I just need her to face left witch she doesn’t do and walks to the spot I placed her in off the screen to the left

You want her to exit left? Because in your scene you have her walking to the right.

I’ve seen many people having this kind of mistakes. It may be a glitch

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Offscreen left

I keep respoting her to the left and she will not go there no matter how many times I spot her there. In the start of the scene I want her facing right and I put her then in the end of that scene I need her to face left which she never dose nor go to the spot I keep respoting her to

It has to be because I can’t even get her to face left. Like i even took the spot out and just put @ HOPE faces left and she will not even face left

Maybe what you need to add is “in zone #”, sometimes this may seem not important but it is! Try adding it and see if she walks to the spot in the zone you want.

In zone # in 2

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I can try but I just tried talking the spotting out and seeing if she would ever face left and I can’t get her to even face left I thank you may have been right about a glitch.

That worked thank you so much :slight_smile:

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No problem! :heartpulse:

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