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Hello lovely episodians :slight_smile:
I swear I couldn’t find anyone else to talk to about this situation and I want to hear ya’lls opinions lol
Okay so I know this guy since fourth grade and we’ve been close friends ever since, not best friends but I had a huge friend group and he was a part of it. I always thought he was kind of cringey, and we had many fights. Our school was only up to sixth grade, so we eventually had to part ways, but we still have contact with each other via IG & WhatsApp group between our friends.
Now over a year later, since we’re still chatting and I follow his IG, I can’t help but notice that I’ve developed feelings for him. My biggest problem is that I live in a country that dating is not really acceptable and our mothers are really close so if my mom knows I’m literally dead. He’s not the type of guy to snitch & he’s already had a gf in the past and there was no drama whatsoever.
So I need you guys’ help. How do I tell him I like him? What if he doesn’t like me back :astonished: can one of you tell him for me?
If no one answers I’ll delete this thread then cry.
Please I desperately need your help

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Just tell him how you feel towards him, if it helps you can write about it first then send it to him.

It’s okay if he doesn’t like you back because in reality, not everyone’s going to love and like you back. You should be confident whether he will or won’t be able to reciprocate your feelings. And if he doesn’t, just think that someone deserves you more :hugs::wink:

And no, you should be the one to tell him :joy: I promise it will be better that way. Tell and ask him what you want :kissing_smiling_eyes:

I just don’t have enough courage :pensive: he probably just thinks of me as a friend and I’m scared that he will look down on me once I tell him :cry:

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If it helps, I just did this recently and I believe in you. You can do this :kissing: but if you’re not ready, you can still build up the courage but don’t take too long. Remember, if you don’t confess, you’ll probably regret it. Or worse, a weight of sadness will be in your chest.

Here’s a quote I got from a story “The Lovely one” I was reading in Episode by the time I confessed:

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”

  • Theodore Roosevelt

I honestly don’t know what he’ll think or feel because boys are different from one another but in this situation, you should prioritize what you feel than what he’ll think after you confess. If he ever looks down on you then that’s his problem, if anything he should admire you for your bravery. And one you confess I assure you, you’ll build a new confidence in you and you will be relieved because the weight of not telling him will be disappear. And after you confess, you can talk to me, I’ll be here🤗

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Thank you so much :heart: the other day my mother told me something that really upset me. She told me this (in Persian) “it’s normal for kids your age to have feelings for someone. But you should try your best not to tell that person. You should hide that feeling from yourself until it’s gone. When you’re older, you’ll understand that you were stupid.” I’m not kidding she actually told me that. Is it because of our religion or…

It must be the primitive tradition/ stereotype, where girls shouldn’t confess their feelings. My recent confession was actually my first time and trust me, I was so confused if I should do it or not because of that said tradition.

But I searched in Google, most said it’s NOW fine for girls to do it. Some even said that they have their boyfriends now because they confessed first. And I read something about girls are being bold and boys, are sadly getting timid :joy:

But personally speaking, when I confessed I felt better :hugs:

Is it bad that I am racist against my own race now? Back in February I actually confessed to someone else and he ended up being my bf but a while later I got caught & suspended from school and got my phone taken away for a month and my mom kept on telling me things like “you’re an embarrassment to our family” and “you’ve completely destroyed my trust in you” and it really made me sad, but I can’t help but feel hopeful. Tysm for the support :heart: it reallllllly made me feel more confident and I’ll try to confess this week

Oh I’m sorry, I forgot to ask about that. What country are you from? I didn’t know that there’s a country that doesn’t allow dating :(((

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