Not showing my story on mobile!


Hey there,
I am writing a new story on the website and I am so excited to preview it on my tablet! After going on the Episode app to preview there, I couldn’t find my story in the “Playable Stories” tab in the create section.
I have had this before and it’s so annoying! I even got the latest update to see if that would be fixed. :open_mouth:
Can you guys help me?


I’m having the same problem.


Moved to Mobile App Bug (as I’m assuming this is a glitch) :wink: I’d recommend both you and @Katiekate submit help tickets to the support team, they’d be happy to help y’all. :smiley:

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This happened to me before! After restarting the app a few times, it came up for me. I also made sure that my story had at least 400 lines (minimum publishing quota) before I was able to view it. Hope these suggestions help! If not, I’d definitely say put in a ticket


Log off clean

Restart it

Login if it still the same stay log off and restart and wait like a hr or so than login in it should work by now


I saw a fix for this that someone else said they used and it worked for them.
Have you saved it once without any errors? Like background errors or just normal glitches?


Thanks for your suggestions! I will have to try them! :relaxed:


I had the same problem. I had even submitted a ticket to Episode. They said it was a bug. Your story wouldn’t be visible until it has a certain number of lines written. But it changed. Now my new story is visible.


Having the same problem now for a few days… I have around 600 lines and I can’t see it there, I tried logging off and on, reseting the app, uninstalling it and nothing 🤷🏼😐
@Manna did it change itself our did you do something? :sweat_smile:


I hope that works for me as well…I have written stories with 400 lines before, just to see a preview and they would work, but this had 1000 or more because of customization. Thanks for your help. :hugs:


The strange thing is that I can see other stories with less than 400 lines, like my editing helper (40 lines) where I just put the character for editing :thinking:


I didn’t do anything. It changed on it’s own. I think after an app update.


Thank you :blush: so I will try to send a support ticket and I’ll see


I think that should help. I did the same.


I am previewing it as my friend’s story in the meantime :sweat_smile: I clicked on the link in portal 🤷🏼


I just received a response :neutral_face: for everyone who has this problem too, it’s a new update 🤦🏼

Glitch: can’t look at my story on the app
Story won't appear in app! Help!
My story is not in the app

That explains it. Thank you @Tessx :wink:


Me to


Usually, this is a device issue, Sometimes when you click save and preview it uses a lot of internet or wifi to save it, and can crash/glitch everything after that (like the preview) Usually shutting down or restarting your device will help. Good luck! :smiley:


Hey! I have a question:
Have you ever been able to see your story on your mobile before?