Not sure if i have to post it here our in script help

For my new story that I will do in LL ( I am almost pushed to do it since INK is not updating anymore :sob:)
I need a boy to become a girl so I need 2 characters but they need to look alike, how do i start at that, i want them both beautiful but they have to look a little bit the same.


What part are you struggling with sweetie? the making them look alike in different genders?

yesssss :heart_eyes:

In LL yeah?
My suggestion would be the more obvious ideas like same eye colour, hair colour, skin colour obviously
But then focus more on their bone structure and eye shapes for instance, so if she uses the more defined facial shapes like Diamond or defined diamond (i think that’s what it’s called) then use a similarly sharp and defined shape for the man and similarly shaped eyes, if hers are generic or round use the male version of that
If that makes sense?
Hope that helps… You’re welcome to PM me if you’d like me to help you create them?

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thank you, xxx