Not sure which style to make my story cover

I’m trying to draw a cover for my squad entry (It’s called “Sleeping dogs”) and I’m not sure how to proceed. I have two different ways I color my drawings and it usually depends on what I feel like doing but as for right now I have no idea what to do.

Here's the sketch

Info about my story, if it makes a difference.

The primary genre is mystery.
description: 4 teens find themselves being forced to solve a mystery together. Will they uncover the secrets of Rochdale or will they discover it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie?

I just want some opinions on which art style would fit the drawing better. Style 1 or style 2.

Style 1

As you can see, this style is more grainy and more detailed.

Style 2

This style is more cartoonish and the shading is much more simple.

I’m not really worried about which takes more time, etc because it will take me a long time regardless (since it’s 4 characters instead of 1 or 2)
So yeah any help would be appreciated! :smiley:


I think the second style is cuter. And simple
And the second style and would loose resolution and would be less clear on the episode self
^hope that made sence …

Also I love your art styles


yeah I agree but you draw real good love
but for sure love the frist one but that doesn’t matter what matter is what you want love


I rly like style 2, but its up to u :slight_smile:


Also I must say that ur rly talented! <3


Thank you for making the poll lol I should’ve thought of that! Also thank you so much and yeah, that makes sense, the grainy look might be too much when its shrunk down so much


thank you soo much!! for you opinion and the compliment :grin:

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Aw, thank you for your opinion

If it was just her

it would be fine but this if for 4 people

Oh, thank you so much

(questions why you know :rofl:)


whoops, i meant that for the op. but i saw some of ur cover art and its rly good so id say ur pretty talented as well :DD


Ohh okay,
cause that through me through a loop for a good 2 seconds :rofl:

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