Not the best stories; tons of reads?

Ok. So. I just published my story fairly recently and my directing is on point and I have a pretty decent story line, and theeeeeen, I’m just scrolling through stories and I try some out. Some of these stories I find are so poorly directed and put together and I can wrap my mind around how they have thousands of reads but mine is very well put together but I have 73 reads. Anyone wann explain?

If you’re interested my story is Comes Back To You by SmileyOcto​:heart::heart:

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well, they spend a lot of time getting people to read by doing r4r and using Instagram and such.

i am going r4r for my story which i would say is pretty good and half of the once i read are really bad i dont get why they did publish them.

like i am not saying they aren’t allowed but like instead of promoting it so much go and work on it make it better. i spend three months on my story.

i do not understand them who published bad stories like really. do you not care. and some even start op by saying the story is bad then why are you publishing it

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I think R4R can be good but they just aren’t for me. I hate the thought of people reading my story because we made a deal to. I want people to enjoy it for what it is, and most the stories I do R4R with, they are what type of story I prefer


I don’t know, I think it’s content and algorithms. Sometimes I stumble across stories which have amazing potential and have good storylines but is executed fairly poorly, but I read them anyways because it’s just too interesting? I also think it’s the cover that attracts attention, people do judge a book by it’s cover unfortunately :frowning: there’s a lot of youth in the audience so I guess that’s why they’re more attentive to things that catch the eye?

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I think it really depends on promotion tbh. I had to do a lot of R4R with people. But I did stories that were interesting to me, so it was a pretty good experience. I admit once I did a R4R and didn’t get any feedback but they said they did it anyways. But it was kind of okay because I couldn’t finish their story.
You can find some good stories through R4R. And they can tell you what they did or didn’t like. A great thing about R4R is that you can ask for feedback. I admit I just had a review that was kind of hard to read but it can help you with your story and if you don’t like you have to remember it’s just their opinion.
What’s important is that you get your story out there and you enjoy it :slight_smile:

yeah i understand that. i read a lot of bad stories doing r4r. on the other hand evryone who have read my new story said they loved it

You truthfully find out pretty quickly that quality does not necessarily equal quantity on this app lol

There are some amazing hidden gems on this app, but they can be quite hard to find as they’re buried behind other stories.


True, this app confuses me out of my mind lol