Notes on English Grammar

A few other subjects:
Who vs. Whom (still confuses me :rofl:)
Neither/nor and either/or (confused me so much in middle school :joy:)
Split infinitive
Ending sentence with preposition
Starting session with conjunction
Compound Possession


How about the word Whom? I’ve never used it and probably never will… I’ve tried reading about how to use it, but that article was about as useful as a white crayon :roll_eyes:

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Same :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I haven’t really read the comments all that well, but skimming through I don’t think I saw the mention of using commas when directly addressing nouns/pronouns?

Silly example where this applies:
INCORRECT: Let’s eat Timmy.
CORRECT: Let’s eat, Timmy.

Because they’re directly addressing Timmy, a comma should be used. Otherwise the sentence looks… Very wrong :sweat_smile:


I briefly mentioned using commas for direct addresses, but I may make a new section for it, ty!

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Sometimes I just get quite and quiet mixed up but I’m still working on it

honestly nobody follows those rules anymore… :joy: I wouldn’t be surprised if I get terrible English grades because of this

We did a unit on them but I think I forgot everything :neutral_face: It’s something to do with a preposition in front of the word or whatever. Or maybe not… idk! :woman_shrugging:


It’s actually really easy from a grammatical perspective. Who is always for subjects of sentences, while whom is always for (grammatical) objects of sentences. Basically, if who substitutes I, he, she, theywhom does it for me, him, her, them… And when it comes to questions that use these pronouns, it’s about how you’d answer using other pronouns.

  • To correctly use who
    Incorrect: whom did this?
    Correct: who did this?

Q:Who did this?”
A:Me did” ?
nope, it’s B:I did.”

  • To correctly use whom
    Incorrect: who should I talk to?
    Correct: whom should I talk to?

Q:Whom should I talk to?”
A: "To I " ?
no, it’s B: “To me.”

Problem is, that it somehow stopped sounding right, so people just use who for everything lol. I myself almost never use whom :woman_shrugging:t3:


That’s why it;s so confusing :joy:


:honeybee: u m p !