Notes on top of an episode


Hi, I have a small problem while I’m trying to write my story.
There are those small side notes at the top of an episode that writers can put to signal the next scene, or just a small note to tell the reader about something in the story.
I don’t know how to create these notes, so can someone tell me the directions for the script for the notes?
Thank you!
(P.S.): Read my story, Dumb Love!


I think then put in what you want to tell the readers


I know, but do you know the script directions for them?


What do you mean script directions?


Like how we would put the formatting for the notes. (sorry if I sound confusing lol)


I think it’s just readerMessage then put in what you want to say?

Or do I mean the fonts?


readerMessage Enter text here


It works, thank you!


Thanks for the help!


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