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Hi alya , thanks for creating this
I am actually having problem or problems in my story
My character just walk on one spot I don’t know why, here is script


What do you mean your character is just walking to one spot?


She just do walk_exhaushed at centre


It should be:
@YOU enters from left to screen center AND YOU is walk_exhausted
&YOU enters from left to screen center AND YOU does it while walk_exhausted

@AlyaSS, sorry if I’m intruding, I just knew how to help. Sorry again, I hope you don’t find me rude.

~ :snowflake:


I think you have to add the second line to the first. So:

@YOU enters from left to screen center AND YOU is walk_exhausted

Don’t make it two different lines.


Oh no, you are fine


I will go and try it , thanks for help winter and @AlyaSS


You’re welcome. :blush:


your welcome :slight_smile:


It worked​:slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile: I am so much happy , thanks again
But their is another thing too…:sweat_smile:
Sorry for coming with lots of errors
Here is script

So…my character just slides instead of walk , someone told me to add @pause for beat , but I already added that


Which bit exactly? And it may be because you’re using &.


is it the first line?


My mistake , after " there is he " line


I agree with @WinterMoon05 I think it might be that you are using & before YOU. Try using @.


Ok, let me try🤔


Ahh!!! It works too!!! Thank you so much @WinterMoon05 and @AlyaSS :blush:
You really save my story :sweat_smile:


No problem!! :grin:


Happy to help! Feel free to PM me anytime you have errors! :wink:


Totally :blush: