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In order for me to make you a cover I’ll need the following…

  1. Title of story.
  2. Character/s, outfit/s, and pose/s
  3. Big or small cover
  4. Description of story
  5. Background
  6. Author
    7.Any extra details


1.What you want on it
3.If character/s, what pose
5.How many
6.Extra details

Here are some examples…


So it’s ganba come out soon
Title:multiple manic
Characters:Noelle(brown long hair pink pink pink blue eyes)jamie(boy short black hair many tattoos and purple eyes)poses kissing with lots of Minnie kids
Cover size:small
Story:Noelle and Jamie have a fling end up with four babys thanks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Background :fancy home


Could you upload a picture of the character settings screen for each of those characters, about how old are the children, and would you like the background to be interior or exterior?


Here you go @Trixiebella I made the cover you wanted with the details I understood, if you need me to fix anything just tell me:)


Thank you soooo much


You’re welcome!


Hiiiii I wanna request a cover!
Title: Prom queens
Small cover
Description: “You were the most popular girl in highschool. But a masquerade themed highschool reunion leads to your husband being murdered. Figure out who the murderer is before the night ends!”
Background: Some kind of party
Author: Fashionista11


I want her pose/animation to be idle_terrified and I want a hand over her mouth.








Sorry for sending so many at once, it said since I’m new I could only post one pic at a time.


I’ll start on it now!:smile:


Here you go @Fashion_Episode11
I’ve had nothing to do today, so thank you for giving me something fun to do. :joy:

If you need me to change anything just tell me.


Thank you so much it looks really good! But I meant to put fashionista11 instead of 16.


Here’s the fixed version! :smile:


Thanks again! :heart:


You’re welcome!


Can I request a splash?


Sure, just give me the details.:grin: