Nouat’s Background Shop! [OPEN]

This is my Background Shop!!
Rules if you order:
~You must use it
~ It will take about 4 days max to make…Tbh it will probably be an hour








Also, if you need a cover or splash go check out my cover/ splash shop!!



Hi I’d like to make some back to school edits. Can you make me a school background?

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Thank you so much!

Would u like anything specific on it??

Can I have a hallway with red lockers and a sign on the wall that says welcome back! If possible.

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Ok thanks for your help!

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Hey! Is it too much if I ask for 5-10 custom backgrounds? :sweat_smile::joy:


Here is ur background!! Make sure to credit @Nouat_2005

Not at all!!!

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Omg I love it thank you so much!

No problem!!

Okay great!!

I would love it if you could create:

~ 3 classy teen girl bedroom (3 panel with window in the 1st panel)
~ Classy living room (3 panel, door in first panel)
~ Classy kitchen (3 panel, door in first panel)
~ Classy bathroom (2 panel, door 2nd panel)
~ Guy bedroom (3 panel, door in first panel)
~ Another classy living room, kitchen, bathroom, and 2 other guy bedrooms (all 3 panel, door 1st panel, window 3rd panel.
~ Classy hallway leading to 3 rooms. (3 panels)
~ A castle interior and exterior, castle bedroom (3 bedrooms), castle kitchen, castle bathroom, castle living room, castle hallway. (all 3 panel, doors on first panel)
~ 3 classy house exteriors and interiors (2 panels)

Also, can you please make all backgrounds have a day/ night type? thank you so much!

I know it’s a ton :sweat_smile::heartbeat::unicorn:

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Yeah I’ll get started right away

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OMG thank you so much!! :heartbeat::heartbeat::heart_eyes:

No problem!!! If u don’t mind me asking what do u mean by three panel??

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Hi, can I please have a fireplace background, and a dark (not night, but a dark themed) bedroom. I will use it and credit you

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Yeah of coarse

I need a three zone background, though. Thanks!

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