NOVA NATION (a Native American Teen who aspires to be an actress)

I am creating a story called nova nation about an indigenous eighteen year old name Nova who aspires to be a holly wood actress while facing with the reality that she is a native living on the reservation and I want your stories incorporated in this story to bring Nova to life. Anyone wanna help?


if be willing to help if you still need it, i just wanna know what you mean by “incorporated” you mean like a crossover?

Also, is ur story LL or Ink?


I wasn’t aware that I wrote incorporated but this is LL. I need someone who is good with the dialogue and who has native American ties. Just to bring the characters to life and make it authentic.



ahhh, i wish i could be of assistance, i Am native american however i’m not really into it culture wise, plus i’m working with Ink so i’m not sure about how LL works, i’m really sorry. Maybe google can help with the native american ties?

Why don’t you like the culture?

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not that i don’t like it per say, but my family isn’t too much into our native american roots, we’re also half mexican and very americanized! i wish it wasn’t like this but oh whale

This gives serious Piper Mclean vibes haha. :sweat_smile:

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Yaaaas! My Percy Jackson fans where you at!!