Nova’s Art Shop💜 [CLOSED]

Heya! Nova here!
I’m currently on my Summer Break and I have finished school completely and will be starting collage next year. So I have tonnes of free time :slight_smile:

So I have been starting to write some novels, and I’m turning one into an episode story, which will be out hopefully in a couple of weeks :smiley:

Without further ado though, along side writing I create art too, so I decided to open this shop :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

A few simple rules to follow!

  • Do not request the same thing at another shop

  • Be kind to those requesting and to me

  • Do not rush me, it will take me a few minutes to a few days depending on what your requesting!

  • Please fill out the correct form for your request

  • I have the right to decline any requests that you might make.

  • Please use the password and blank it so I know you’ve read the rules <3


  • Edited/Drawn PFPs
    -Edited/drawn Covers
    -Edited/Drawn Art scenes
    -Character Cards



The last one was my entry to @/itslils outline competition <3 so beautiful outline by her :))


More examples will come too <3
(If you request it gives me more practice)

I only do LimeLight Drawing for now but edits I can do both LL and INK :heart_hands:

Art scene/pfp
  • Edited or Drawn?
  • How many characters (I can do upto 2 depending on how complicated.
  • Character details
  • Character outfits + extra details
  • pose reference
  • Background
  • Edited or Drawn?
  • How many characters (I can do upto 2 depending on how complicated.
  • Character details
  • Character outfits + extra details
  • pose reference
  • Background
  • any text?
Character Cards
  • Character details
  • Character outfit + extra details
  • pose reference
  • Background
  • Character Name
  • Theme
  • Text



Waiting list:

It would be a big help if you could follow me on my instagram where I will be boosting my story once it’s out <3


And my Episode App account <3


Good luck :purple_heart:

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Thank you :))

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Bump! If anyone needs any art/edits and you like mine, I am free :DD :blob_hearts: :blob_turtle:

@Nova.Writes can you do two person art or just one person?

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Two person, depending on the pose :))

Ok, what about a pose like this?

Yes I think that’s okay

Alright perfect! Then I’d like to request an art scene!

  • Edited or Drawn? - Drawn please
  • How many characters (I can do upto 2-3 depending on how complicated.) - 2 characters
  • Character details
    Girl - Female athletic body neutral 03
    Arched thin brow dark brown
    Long curls hair blonde medium
    Deepset almond eyes brown sand
    square defined face
    defined natural nose
    full round pouty lips rose light nude matte
    Guy -
    Male athletic body neutral 04
    arched medium brows deep brown
    Undercut short straight texture hair deep brown
    narrow almond deep sunken eyes blue deep
    chiseled angular face
    straight pointed nose
    medium heart lips neutral medium nude matte
  • Character outfits + extra details
    Girl -
    Extras - Floral Heart Chest Tattoo Solid, Scar Forehead X (04-07), Compas Rose Leg Tattoo Ink Multi Color, Oversized Crop T Shirt Cotton Complex Color (Blue Marine), Flat Lace Up Sneakers Canvas Blue Oxford, Uniform Game Polo Cotton White, Triangle Long Earrings Metal Rose Gold, Ringed Long Chain Necklace Metal Gold

Guy -
Extras - Scar Cheek X (00-03), Dragon Sleeve Tattoo Solid, Multi Cartilage Piercing Metal Silver, Short Sleeve Pocket Button Up Blue Oxford, Chain Accessories Ripped Jeans Denim Black, Chunky Sneakers Leather Black

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Request accepted :butterfly:
(I shall get it to you soon :yay:)

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Thank you!

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I really hope this isnt too difficult :melting_face: :woozy_face:

  • Edited or Drawn?

  • How many characters (I can do upto 2-3 depending on how complicated.

  • Character details

Female Character

Skin Tone - Neutral 06
Body Shape - Athletic

Brows - Arched Natural
Brows Color - Black

Hairstyle - Short Wavy Asymmetrical
Hair Color - Black

Eye Shape - Deepest Almond
Eye Color - Brown Deep

Face - Diamond Defined Contour

Nose - Round Flared Upturned

Lip Shape - Full Round Pouty
Lip Color - Rose Medium Nude Gloss

Male Character 1

Skin Color - Gold 08

Body Shape - Male Athletic Body

Brows - Furrowed Raised S
Brows Color - Black

Hairstyle - Twist Afro Hair
Hair Color - Black

Eye Shape - Monolid Wide
Eye Color - Brown Dark

Face - Chiseled Angular

Nose - Male Generic

Lip Shape - Medium Heart
Lip Color - Brown Neutral

Male Character 2

Skin Color - Gold 05

Body Shape - Male Slim Body

Brows - Straight Medium
Brows Color - Deep Brown

Hairstyle - Mohawk Dreads Short
Hair Color - Deep Brown

Eye Shape - Deepest Upturned
Eye Color - Brown Medium

Face - Male Generic

Nose - Straight Pointed

Lip Shape - Medium Straight Natural
Lip Color - Natural Medium Nude Matte

  • Character outfits + extra details
Female Character

Male Character 1

Male Character 2

  • pose reference

I apologize for how strange it looks lmao. I was trying to display the facial expressions.
Male Char 1 is holding Female Char btw

  • Background

  • any text?

Just the title: Fame & Misfortune


Request accepted! I can deffo give it a go <33

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Thannk youuuu :heart: followed your insta btw :grin:

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Hi, I really like your art so I would like to request an art scene. :slight_smile:

Edited or Drawn


How many characters (I can do upto 2-3 depending on how complicated.

One character

Character details

Skin Tone: Copper 10
Brow: Arched Thick Styled and Shade: Black Dark
Hair :Type 3 High Bun Coil Hair and Shade: Black Dark
Eyes: Female Generic and Shade: Grey Cool
Face: Diamond
Nose: Grecian Soft
Lips: Full Round Flat Top Skin and Shade: Plum Matte

Character outfits + extra details

Top: Sweetheart Button Crop Top Cotton Complex Color and Shade: Purple
Bottom: Ripped Shorts Denim Oxford Blue
Shoe: Strappy Gladiator Wedges Suede Tan
Tattoo: Butterfly Forearm Tattoo Solid
Bracelet: Diamond Cluster Bracelet Emerald
Wings: Pixie Fairy Wing Polyester Iridescent Fuschia

Pose Reference




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If you don’t mind waiting a bit longer then. Request accepted! :blob_hearts:

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Oh I don’t mind at all thank you so much.

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Hey there lovely!
I know it’s not the pose you would want, but the one you picked I actually won’t be able to do I’ve just realised my work is better quality if I edit the characters into a lose first, what do you think of this pose?


That looks great!

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Thank you, I got worried that you wouldn’t like that pose :sob:
I will start the drawing now :heart: