Nova’s Art Shop💜 [CLOSED]

Aww, I’m not too picky, don’t worry!

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Hiii I’m just really exited with this cause I actually like how it’s going, but this is how it looks so far :]]


It looks good to me!

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Wow okay!

@Jazz.epi_babe Request Complete!

Filtered Version

Non-Filtered Version

I hope you like it :blob_hearts:

That looks great! Thank you so much!

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No worries, it was really fun to do! :yay:

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Ooh just don’t forget to credit me either by my forums or instagram :blob_hearts:

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Got it!

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Hello @TheLexi :blob_turtle:

I usually like to edit the characters into the desired pose before I draw.
How does this look to you?
I tried to get it how you requested, but it’s very hard so I hope this is ok.



It’s great I like the edit!

  1. I just want the female char’s other arm to maybe be around the male char’s neck.
  2. The female character looking at the male char behind her.
  3. And the male character holding the female character to seem uninterested.

And I may have accidentally given the wrong outfit for the other male character (left). I hope this isn’t a problem.

LEFT male char outfit

If this is all too much / difficult, feel free to decline the drawing! :heart:

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I might have to decline I’m sorry love. Only because it’s 3 characters and the complexity of the pose for me :heart:

No problem. Good luck on your shop :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Bump! There are some spaces free :blob_turtle:

Hey @CareBear4 :blob_turtle:

I like to edit the character/s before drawing them into the requested pose.
How does this look?


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It looks great. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Great :blob_turtle:
It should be complete by tomorrow then :grin:

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Hello! I’d like a drawn art scene <3Galaxy

  • Edited or Drawn? Drawn!

  • How many characters (I can do upto 2 depending on how complicated. 1 character.

  • Character details:

Deets and outfit

*pose reference:


  • Background

Thank you so much! :purple_heart:

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Request accepted :blob_hearts:

Do you want your character to be holding books like in the reference? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes please! And I want her to be smiling and also blushing a bit if that’s possible thank you! :purple_heart:

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Yes of course :blob_hearts:

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