Nova’s Art Shop💜 [CLOSED]

  • Edited or Drawn?

  • How many characters (I can do upto 2 depending on how complicated.

  • Character details
    Body - Female Athletic Body
    Skin - Copper 03
    Eyebrows - Round Medium
    Eyebrow color - Black dark
    Hair - Long Curls
    Hair color - Deep brown
    Eyes - Delicate Almond Falsies
    Eye color - Blue deep
    Face - Diamond
    Nose - Round button
    Lips - Full Heart Pouty
    Lip color - Red deep matte

  • Character outfits + extra details
    Deep V Half Sleeve Velvet Red Rose
    Hoop Flowers Metal Gold
    Laced Up Studded Open Toed Heels Leather Grey Black
    Double Choker Necklace Star Moon Gold

  • pose reference
    Screenshot (5)

  • Background
    Something that looks similar to the background in the reference

  • any text?
    Yes, “Searching for my guy” (maybe possibly in calligraphy?)

Password : Galaxy

Hey @Hayhay2 and @vibey

I’m sorry lovelies but I’m unable to do your requests :blob_hearts:

I just really want to focus on my collage application process and finding a job. And prepping for collage. I hope you understand :strawberry:

Your art is really nice! Is your shop permanently closed?

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Not permanently!
It will open again in the future or I will open 1 or 2 spots every now and again <3

And thank you :blob_hearts:

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