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Large cover re-do

Large cover re-do

Small cover re-do

Small cover re-do

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Yes. Everything’s perfect.
Thank you again, best wishes :sparkling_heart:

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Hello! Are you still taking request? :heart:

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Great, should I send the details here or in a PM

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Send em in here :herb:

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I don’t really have a specific request, so you’ll pretty much have creative freedom, but I do have aspects that I’d like to have. My story consist of 6 main characters (three males and three females) and I would like for them to be on a small cover. I would like for their personalities to show on the cover (when I do the character details I’ll list their names so you’ll know) Luna is the main main character/the boss (lol) so if she could be in the front/center/main focus that’d be AMAZE-BALLS <3. Tyler is a flirt so if he could look flirty or something like that :smiley: that’d be great. Aaron is a goofball so if he could have like a funny pose that’d be WONDERFUL <3. Jonah is really smart, a hacker, and kinda quite so if he could have that look to him that’d be splendid. Amour is a very seductive person, so if she could look seductive that’d be the bee’s knees. Last but not least Adilah, she has an innocent vibe to her, she is a “free spirit” type of person, so is she could have that type of vibe to her that’d be the shnips (lol, it’s a word I made, it basically means great :D). Could they please all have a badass vibe to them and the background be bad ass too (I don’t have a specific background so you can use whatever background you think fits with the bad ass vibe). But here is the plot twist :D, they are all vampires, so if they could maybe have blood dripping from them, like maybe their mouth, hands, on their clothes, a mix, or another idea you may have, whatever you think is fit. I am sooooo sorry if this is too specific/difficult/too much in general. It’s just that this is my first story and I just want it to look nice :(. If you could do this for me I’d be forever grateful <3. Do you think you’ll be up for something like this?

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I could do that, send in the Deets, it’ll probably take some time to finish though since there’s a lot of characters, but sure! :heartpulse::sunflower:

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Luna- Skin tone: umber Eyes: upturned feline Eye colour: white Face shape: oval Hair: long curly Hair colour: charcoal Lips: full round Lip colour: cherry red Nose: elven Eye brow: seductive arch

Tyler- Skin tone: honey Eyes: stotic almond Eye colour: white Face shape: defined triangle Hair: spiked emo Hair colour: black Lips: uneven Lip colour: taupe Nose: button Eye brow: medium sharp

Aaron- Skin tone: honey Eyes: deepest gentle Eye colour: white Face shape: diamond Hair: short wave Hair colour: chestnut Lips: smirk Lip colour: taupe Nose: button Eye brow: thick arch athletic

Jonah- Skin tone: tan Eyes: gentle almond Eye colour: white Face shape: defined triangle Hair: cropped Hair colour: cayenne Lips: smirked Lip colour: terracotta Nose: thin Eye brow: thin arch

Adilah- Skin tone: olive Eyes: round bold Eye colour: white Face shape: soft heart Hair: bald (her outfit has a head accessory) Lips: classic Lip colour: scarlet Nose: soft natural Eye brow: thick flat

Amour- Skin tone: caramel Eyes: upturned luxe Eye colour: white Face shape: round Hair: high ponytail Hair colour: blue light Lips: full round Lip colour: bordeaux Nose: Grecian Eye brow: medium angled
This is what they look like…

Here is some inspiration/reference to what I’d like.
I like the vibe to this one <3

I REALLY love these :sweat_smile::heart: And I would like for the cover to be similar in some aspects.

(This is my favorite lol :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)
I don’t have specific outfits, could you make some that have the bad ass vibe to them and are matching like these? If not I’ll whip some up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sweat_smile:
I would like for them to have tattoos (but not these lol) like this if possible:

I also like this cover, but specifically the blood dripping details. :heart:


I hope that this is not to much for you. :confounded::heart: And with this new details do you have a time estimate? :heart: No pressure/rushing, I just need this for planning purposes. :dizzy:

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I could try :sweat_smile::sunflower: I suck af at making outfits, so could you send me some outfits you possibly want? Hehe, Also what tattoo do you want for them to have? < 3

Yeah of course, I’ll make some outfits :sweat_smile: And I don’t have any specific tattoos so you can just choose :heart:

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AMOUR- Black Herringbone Tights, Black Button Down Skirt, Statement Necklace, Wedding Sleeveless Top (Peach), Orange Boho Feather Earrings, Orange Pastel Platform Boots

LUNA- Grey Bikini Halter Bottom (Slate Grey), Diamond Choker Necklace, White Metallic Stripe Bracelet, White Sequin Crop Top, Black Country Chic Boots

ADILAH- Keys Necklace, Small Fishnets, Orange Pastel Platform Boots, Orange Bow Headwrap, Black Beach Day Romper

AARON- Stitch Boots (Black), Key Necklace, Distressed White Jeans, Muscle Tank Green, Black Leather Buckle Bracelet

TYLER- Ripped Punk Pants, Ear Bud, Blue Racing Shirt, Blue Hipster High Top Sneakers

JONAH- Ripped Punk Pants, Ear Piece With Mic, Black High Top Dance Shoes, Black White_CrewneckSweater

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Hey :wave:t4: How’s it coming? :upside_down_face:

*Small or large or both? Both
Picture of the background I’d like to give you creative freedom over the background based on the story description below.

Character's details

*Your character’s outfit, if you want a custom outfit, send me a reference pic*

I don’t really care about the outfits but, I would like Kristen and Daphne holding bats, Jaxon and Xander holding guns, Evianna holding a flashlight and Lochlan holding a spell book.
Also, Daphne must have her Open Tote Chihuahua Tri Blue Black
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Story title Tormentor’s:Book 1 of the Phoenix Coven Series
Author name Dae Treesh
Vibe you want for the cover Something like The Walking Dead meets Pretty Little Liars.
Story genre Horror/Thriller/Mystery
Story description A group of witches release a demon who thrives on chaos and mayhem. When the demon releases a plague of the undead on the world, Evianna and her band of misfits race to send it back to hell while trying to survive the flesh-eating zombies.
Your Instagram account @daeneira_writes

Cover size: small, but i don’t have a big one so if you’re bored then you know who to text :sweat_smile:
Style: Limelight
Background: i don’t have a specific one but maybe some kind of explosion.
Story title: Life is a MESS
Author name: venla (it doesn’t need to be on the cover tho)
Cover vibe: Badass
Genre: Drama / Action
Description: Follow ten criminals as they try to discover a way to get revenge for cruel past.
Instagram: episode.venla
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First one (Carly) -> Face, soft heart neutral 01
Nose, defined natural
Mouth, full heart fair rose
Eyes, deepset downturned pale brown
Brows, arches natural dark black
Hair, feathered dark black
Second one (Carrie) -> Face, diamond rose 01
Nose, defined natural
Mouth, full heart gloss fair rose
Eyes, deepset downturned black
Brows, arched thin dark black
Hair, hair flip dark black
First one (Carly)
tanktopbasicshort Cotton Neutral White, Prison Jumpsuit Bottom, Flat Lace Up Sneakers Grey Black, Freckles heavy (08-10) and Eagle One Side Chest Tattoo Ink Multicolor

Second one (Carrie)
tanktopbasicshort Cotton Neutral White, Prison Jumpsuit Bottom, Flat Lace Up Sneakers Grey Black, Freckles heavy (08-10)

I think that’s everything, i’ll be forever thankful :star_struck: