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Hey, I really love your edits :smile: I was wondering if you were still open for requests?

Hey, I’m like absolutely horrible at digital stuff and yours looks amazing so I would really appreciate if you could make me a cover :blush:
Cover size: I need both, but I have no idea what I wanna do for the small one so just a large one for now (and I would appreciate a small one once I figure out what to do lmao) oof intensifies
Style: Limelight
Background: any school will do as long as Weston High School is on it like this one -->

Story title: Middleton, Arizona
Author name: Sasha (not necessary for my name to be on it but I want you to give yourself credit and for it to be on the cover just underneath and a bit smaller than the main title)
Cover vibe: Chill
Genre: its like a chill Drama / Romance type story if that makes sense
Description: Follow Gigi and her friends as they try to navigate life without parents.
Instagram: middletonarizona

Gigi -> Body: neutral 02 | Brow: arched natural scar / chestnut brown | Hair: long wavy blowout / chestnut brown | Eyes: female generic / hazel dark | Face: square defined | Nose: round broad | Lips: full heart pouty / rose light nude gloss
(if you could make her eye makeup a bit smudge like she was crying i’d appreciate it)

Matt -> Body: rose 02 | Brow: arched medium / dark brown | Hair: medium waves natural / dark brown | Eyes: male deep sunken / hazel | Face: diamond soft | Nose: male generic | Lips: medium straight natural / pink peach medium matte

Nick -> Body: neutral 07 | Brow: round medium / deep brown | Hair: curly mohawk / deep brown | Eyes: oval wide / dark brown | Face: male generic | Nose: button wide | Lips: full lower lip sharp / beige deep neutral

Hunter -> Body: rose 02 | Brow: arched medium / blackjet | Hair: slicked back solid / black jet | Eyes: monolid slender / blue green | Face: square jaw | Nose: male generic | Lips: medium straight natural / fair neutral matte

Hailey -> Body: neutral 04 | Brow: arched natural / light brown | Hair: short wavy asymmetrical / burgundy red | Eyes: deepset almond / brown pale | Face: triangle defined | Nose: round broad | Lips: small heart / rose medium nude gloss

Kelsey -> Body: copper 00 | Brow: arched thin high / light brown | Hair: long straight loose solid / platinum blonde | Eyes: round medium / grey cool | Face: heart defined | Nose: grecian soft | Lips: small heart / peach gloss

Gigi ->

Matt ->
Nick ->
Hunter ->
Hailey ->
Kelsey ->

So, I would like Gigi front and center, she is the main character. I want Matt right behind her but like to her left (would be the right if you were looking at it). I want Gigi in like a confident pose with her hand on her hip. I want Matt to like look kind of sad but not like obviously sad (if that makes sense) and facing Gigi.

To Gigi’s right (the left if you look at it) I want Hunter and Nick, with Nick closest to Gigi. Nick can look normal, like a straight face, and Hunter also. But, I want Hunter’s hand on Nick’s shoulder.

To Gigi and Matt’s left (right if you look at it) I want Hailey and Kelsey, with Hailey closest to Gigi. I want Hailey smiling, like if someone was taking a picture, and Kelsey can have a straight face but I want her farther from Hailey, than Nick and Hunter who I want closer together. Kelsey can actually look a little pissed off and maybe have her arms crossed across her chest.

Overall I want Gigi in front and Matt to her left and behind her. Then I want the rest to the sides of them and like a little smaller than the both of them and the title right in front of them like from their knees to their shoes so you can clearly see their torsos and faces. And obviously your credit right underneath that.

If any of that is confusing PLEASE let me know, I like can see what I want and describing it is a little difficult. Also if you need anything else or if anything is too hard, let me know and I’ll tell you anything you need or make the cover a bit simpler.

Also I do not need this ASAP so please take your time, I do not mind at all.

Thank you so much!!!

Hi girl, do you do character deets?

They haven’t been active in almost a year so I’m pretty sure this is closed :sparkles:

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oh haha I hadn’t realised. I’ll leave it for a bit just in case and then delete it. (thanks for letting me know x)

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They’ve been inactive for nearly a year. This thread is also inactive so it’s closed :sparkling_heart:

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Oh ok

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hello! i’m not sure if you are still doing covers but if you are, here is my form.
oof intensifies

Small or large or both?
Picture of the background

(background is from @2epiccarrotz 's request!)
Character’s details
skin: neutral 03
brows: straight medium, black jet
hair: long double dutch braids, black dark
eyes: monolid defined, hazel dark
face: diamond
nose: pointed downturned
lips: full heart pouty, rose gloss
gender: female
body type: generic
skin: neutral 04
brows: high arch angled, black jet
hair: long voluminous curls loose, warm pink
eyes: deepset almond, brown black
face: diamond
nose: pointed downturned
lips: full heart pouty, black gloss
gender: female
body type: generic

Your character’s outfit, if you want a custom outfit, send me a reference pic
top: Bralette Halter Sides Lace Detailing Silk Red Cherry
jacket: Quilted Pattern Panelling Belted Open Jacket Leather Grey Black
bottom: Belted Ripped Shorts Denim Black
shoes: Belted Ankle Boots Black And Pink Leather
top: Fishnet Bralette Thick Band Top Cotton Grey Black
jacket: Collared Crop Rolledup Sleeves Jacket Leather Grey Black
bottom: Jeans Ripped Fish Net Denim Blue
accessories: Locket and Choker Necklace Metal Gold
shoes: Chunky Tread Ankle Boots Leather Black
Story title
Author name
liv <3
Vibe you want for the cover
Story genre
wlw romance
Story description
lydia is a girl who thinks shes straight and then she meets luna and begins to question her sexuality
Your Instagram account
cover description:
i’d like luna and lydia to be holding hands but also looking off into separate directions and sad. dm me for more info and i can draw you an example!

thank you!!

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Hey everyone I was wondering of anyone can do a edited cover for free ?