Novel Or Episode!



Hey guys! So I always wondered, how do you guys like to write the most? Do you like to write novel type stories or Episode stories more? I hope you know what I mean by that! Drop you’re opinion and reason behind it down below! Or why do you like to write! I’d love to get to know you!
I personally like to write novel type stories with no animation to it :))




I like writing episode stories since the animations really bring the story to life and like you can have like different backgrounds and different scenes and it’s fun. Novel, I like it, but you can’t really visually see it unlike the episode stories so I generally prefer episode stories :joy:



I agree with @Cece1.episode


I feel like the animation helps the story come to life but typing a normal story on like a word document really helps you make your story come to life without using an animation so your writing becomes better


Ya that’s true too! Either way I like both of them, I just want the reader to enjoy the story and know how it feels to be in the characters’ shoes



I am torn between the two but when I was younger I wrote a lot more novel style stories. It helped me with my descriptive work but I am a more visual person anyways so yeah, I feel like episodes are more ideal for me now.


I like novel better because… I don’t know why I just always have🤷‍♂️


I like the feel of novels more, even if I am not much of a reader. Especially when it comes to Sherlock Holmes or Leś Miśerables or Story Of My Life (by Helen Keller who was blind and defines her own world with beautiful words. It is really important when visuals aren’t involved in this…)


I like writing novels better than creating an Episode story because all the visual work that comes with Episode. I’m not very good with visual effects and all that stuff and also, with a novel you’re not limited by clothing/skin/hair options as you’re free to imagine things just the way you wish :))

But I like the challenge that comes with an Episode story. I constantly have to consider how to keep the visuals good enough to make the reader stay interested along with keeping an exciting plot.


Well I like writing novels more than episode. Though that is just my opinion but you can’t show exactly everything happening just as you imagine it to be. There always is a great deal of difference between your imagination and your Episode story…


whats the difference???


I prefer writing novel stories because it allows me to have more freedom and to expand the plot in ways that I can’t on Episode. I personally feel more attached to the novel I’m writing rather than my story on episode. I don’t have to worry about coding and outfits. But I do admit that episode is fun too.


I prefer writing novels because it allows me to express myself a little more freely than Episode does. Plus, Episode’s coding is just too tedious for me.

Edit: I also enjoy free writing better than typing. I usually write the old fashioned way then transfer it to Wattpad. I don’t like reading on an electronic more than reading with an actual book.


I like writing Episode because it’s like a TV show. I do love novels though, and I use narration a lot in my story.