✧・゚:* November Rain Thread!*:・゚✧

Hello All!

Christi here! I haven’t made any topics in a hot minute, so I decided to make a thread documenting the process of writing my story, November Rain! This is probably gonna fail but oh well-

My biggest struggle is motivation, I really love this story I developed, and I really hope to tell it one day, but unfortunately I’m the type of person who is super doubtful of themselves. Therefore, I’m challenging myself to submit it as a contest entry, which was not planned lol- I will might, not finish it in time, but we’re trying!


Sage, a boy who has everything yet feels like nothing, expects everything to remain the same as he’s always been used to. What he doesn’t expect, is the boy across the hall.


I love it :heart_eyes:

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This is such a cool thread! The covers look so aesthetic :star_struck:


Here’s a tiny sneak peek of Episode #1! :cat_shocked:

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@Stella2003 @UnicornPlayz.Episode Thank you! :llama: :blob_hearts: :cat_typing:


Thanks! :blob_hearts: :alpaca: I’ll try my best! :fist:t2:

omg i cant wait to read :pleading_face:

bumping :pleading_face: