Now I have free stuff in art shop (click now!)

Hello so I decided to add some more things in my shop. So I went from making only covers from now making covers, profile pictures, character cards, and ask the author backgrounds. And guess what. What? The profile pictures and ask the author backgrounds are free. I would be cruel of me to charge for them so they are 100% free not coupons needed and you can get any amount you want and will always stay free forever! I really hope you guys like this. Here is the link and I would really like for this to work. Tell me if you like this idea and give me some more ideas and opinions. I love to do fun stuff and art. Just reply and think your ideas over. This will really help me expand my art. Thanks!!

Here is something that I did in favor of my neon competition (Simple)

Hope you guys have a great day!!! pm me for any questions!!!

OOPS sry I forgot to put my shop lol

here its is:


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