Now Promoting Episode 21 of Dark Desires

I will do each Read 4 Read, even if it takes me time to get to it, I promise not to ghost anyone. I know how it feels, and I refuse to do that to anyone. Serious Read for Reads only please. No Ghosting
Author: ashleyabrucker
Title: Dark Desires
Episodes: 21 and ongoing (Season 1 Complete 1-16)
Genre: Drama
Description: Five years after you get your life back together after your ex just up and left you, he comes back turning your life upside-down again.
Extras: Customize Characters, Choices matter, name characters, advanced placements/zooms, and sounds
Warnings: Adult themes and strong language.
Romance Interests: 2


Post your story and how many episodes you’d like to R4R. I will read in order of post, please only do if you’re serious!!
Private message me a screen shot, I will do the same, either before or after depending on where I’m at in Read 4 Read
I will keep a list below of the order I will be reading


I am up for an R4R.
here is my story-
It’s called-
Story- ADVENTURE: Adventure House
Genre- Adventure/Horror
Chapter (So-far)- 3
Style- Lime Light
Description- The world is not what is seems from the outside and you have realized it the hard way. The Adventure in the Adventure House is gonna be a hell of a ride for you and your friends.