Now to Make Characters and Overlays Load Before Scene Starts?


I have a club scene with multiple overlays and characters. The characters and overlays take a few seconds to resize and get into the correct position.

How can I set up the characters and objects before the scene starts to prevent the slow loading and positioning lags?

I found the solution. The previous scene needs to transition out first, then the background, then all characters and overlays are positioned with the & (Don’t use @), lastly transition in.


@transition fade out black in 3


&overlay CLUB TABLE shifts to -21 -47 in zone 1
&overlay CLUB TABLE scales to 0.337 0.337
&overlay CLUB TABLE moves to layer 2

&CHARACTER spot 0.917 229 162 in zone 1
&CHARACTER moves to layer 1

@transition fade in black 3

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you use & is stead of @

wait ignore me


INT. BACKGROUND with CLUB TABLE to 0.337 -21 -47 at layer 2
&CHARACTER spot 0.917 229 162 in zone 1 at layer 1

@transition fade in black 3

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Id suggest making all the coding before @transition fade in black 5, it helps


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Anytime <3

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