I have started writing my first story. I have given a full character customization in my story but I am getting an error saying “Unexpected NOWAITSEQUENCE”. I have no idea what it is. Can somebody please help me out?


Hm… I don’t remember what exactly causing this error. Do you have a red X showing somewhere in your script or it’s not pointing out on anything?


I have a red X at the line in the directing script where the character enters the screen.


Can you take a screenshot or copy and post this part here?


Avatar - Female {

&ADRIANNA enters from left to screen center
@AUDREY stands screen center in zone 2

The highlighted part.


Hm… nothing wrong with that.
What you can do is send me a full script on my email if you want. I’ll PM you.


Yeah I’ll do it. Thank you so much for your help.


Hey,I forgot to ask for your email id.
Can you please share it?


I did send you my email via PM :slight_smile:


Did you get your problem fixed? :slight_smile:


I have just emailed my script to @Apes and I’m really hoping to get it fixed.
Thanks for responding tho.


Be sure to let us know if/when it gets solved!


Yes, thank you.:blush::blush:


Hi Ryan. This is to inform you that the problem I was facing has been solved by Apes.



Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: