NPCs needed for DL entry!

Name: Annabeth Griffin
Details: Female Athletic, Rose 05
Arched Thick Styled, BlackJet
Messy Sock Bun, Black Dark
Deepest Almond, Brown Dark
Diamond Face
Round Button
Full Heart Pouty, Neutral Medium Nude Gloss
Extras: Freckles and anything else you feel like
Outfit can be anything you want

Personality: Shy, logical/smart*ss, occasionally annoying
If possible I would love to be both, but otherwise I don’t mind if you make me a suspect or a scapegoat:)

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Thank you so much :two_hearts::two_hearts:


  • What role would you like? The two roles available are suspects/townies and victims. (aka, would you rather be questioned or are you willing to be killed off?): Suspect and victim.
  • A full character name (first + last). I’d prefer if it sounded as though it were from the 1600s, but any will do: Leonor Blackwood.
  • All character details (including extra features such as freckles, moles, scars, or tattoos).
  • If your character has unnaturally colored hair, PLEASE select a natural color for them to have. Dyed hair wasn’t really “the norm” back in the 1600s :wink::
Details (you can change the outfit)

Female Athletic Body
Rose 02
Round Medium Dark Brown
Long Loose Curls Medium Brown
Deepset Almond Blue Green
Heart Defined
Pointed Downturned
Medium Downturned Pout Rose Matte


Cropped Hoodie Cotton Black Ivory
Button Up Denim Dress Denim Grey
Lace Up Army Boots Leather Brown Black

  • Let me know what’s unique about your characters. This is optional, but would be handy. If you’re willing to have your character killed off, I’ll need to describe them in some way. It would be greatly appreciated if you provided that!

My character is quiet and cold, so it would be cool to see her begging for her life and crying before dying

*note: anyone can use her this character as long as you credit me in atsukowrites on IG

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Thank you so much!

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