NUMB (story about bullying)


Hi guys !

I’m a little shy as I am new on Episode’s forums, but I am here to ask you something !

I’ve always wanted to write a story, but I must admit that I was hesitant, seeing how difficult it was for me to understand all the processus. Now that I’ve seen Joseph Evan’s tutorial, it seems easier, even though I might still take a long time to perfectly understand and write a story.

ANYWAY. I am here to talk to you about my new project called “NUMB”. It is a story about bullying (about what I’ve been through, with little changes of course). A lot of people told me that it was a good idea, but I still want opinions on it. It’ll be serious, I’m gonna talk about self-harm, drugs and suicide. BUT A HAPPY ENDING. So yeah, don’t know what else to say… Just share your opinions, your ideas and stuff !

Thank you guys ! (and if someone’s interested in helping me writing (not the ideas but “coding”), please contact me!) (and an outfit designer would be helpful as well!)

(here is the cover for NUMB)


Did you make the cover and I’m also going through that


Yes, I made the cover by myself.

Oh, doll, I’m so sorry for you. If you need help, or feel like you need to talk, don’t hesitate to contact me !
But as I said in the beginning of the first episode, you shouldn’t read that kind of stories, except if it does you good. :slight_smile:


Wanna join episode helpers


I’ve been through it too so I’ll definitely read it … :frowning:


I’m so so sorry, girl. If you feel like you wanna talk about it, I’m here for you. :hearts:


of couse… I live through it everyday :frowning:


What is it exactly ? (I’m new on the writer portal and the forums, sorry!)


My DM’s are open, doll.


its an art group

no offense @linalilly10 but can you just pm her??


Dude, I was thinking of Linkin Park when I saw the title- the little part under the title in the cover is what sold it to me! Linkin Park rocks, I thought I’d never meet another person who listens to them, especially on the episode forums no less. My story’s also about suicide, it must be a running theme between all the fans, haha.


omg so true lol


Linkin Park rocks. so do Arctic monkeys, cae the elephant, red hot chilli peppers, and green day. My go to bands


to be very honest, i can not call myself a fan of linkin park, i just really appreciate their music and they got a lot of meaningful lyrics (and i was so sad when chester died :frowning:)) but i’ll definitely go read your story!


Oh yeah, the artic monkeys and green day are really good for sure- pretty much everyone in my friend group listens to rhcp so I’ve pretty much second-hand listened to their entire track list. My sister used to listen to a ton of cage the elephant and I’ve been putting off listening to their songs for like… 3 years now, woah. Gotta break out the earbuds and head over to youtube ASAP!


Yeah I remember being genuinely sad about that when I heard about it, it always messes me up when celebrity deaths happen D:
Whoops, sorry for swerving WAY off the thread topic- I’ll check out your story really soon, it sounds very intruiging!


What did u use to make the cover great work btw and I’ve been through it too I’ve been told I’m nothing but and ugly thing


I bet you’re beautiful :blush:


Thank you that means so much to seriously :disappointed::heartpulse:


I’ll try my best not to disappoint you !