NUMB (story about bullying)

@charliejones the writer portal and the app mainly, took me an hour or so.
and you’re not nothing, not at all. they make you believe that. but you’re the exact opposite. you’re worth it :heart:

I repeat it but if you need to talk, don’t hesitate to contact me guys :heart:

is it a boy version ?_

I will definitely give this one a read once you publish.

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@tripp unfortunately not. as i am new on the episode writer portal, i still don’t understand a lot of things and I know it’ll be already hard for me to write just one storyline… so having 2 storylines for me is a little bit too much :slightly_frowning_face: but in the future, if it’s easier for me, I’ll maybe publish it in a boy version !

no offence, but why are you sending me this ? :blush:

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@J.Miley thanks doll! :sparkling_heart:

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This is where we can chat and get your mind of self arm and bullying

She’s my farvote author she wrote speak

Oh, okay !

Oh I understand . Well good luck on your story can’t wait to read it

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Hey, I wanted to do something like this too but to capture social anxiety/anxiety but as I was reading the guidelines of Episode Story, they said your story can’t include bullying. They could delete the story so I don’t know? also there will be no chance of you getting paid. I have no idea why they have done this tho. I like your story idea btw. I think it should be okay as long as you don’t “promote” anything, but they have made it super vauge. like if we mention bullying is it against the guidlines?

It’s not against the guidelines. My story doesn’t promote suicide, self-harm, bullying at all. You should have read further (don’t take it personnaly!) but here’s what it says :

References to Assault, Violence & Torture:
No graphic / explicit / detailed descriptions of rape / assault / violence / gore / etc.
Authors can give general descriptions or broad strokes, but not details.
Ex: they can say a rape / murder / assault happened, but cannot describe the details, injuries or physical sensations.
Physical or sexual abuse can referenced provided the representation is respectful, contextually appropriate and doesn’t glorify being a victim / survivor.
**Torture cannot be depicted on screen. References to torture, and evidence of torture are allowed, but cannot be explicit or gratuitous. **

Suicide & Self-Harm:
Themes of suicide and self harm are allowed on the Episode platform, but must be presented respectfully, maturely and in a non-glorifying way.
No graphic / explicit / detailed descriptions of suicide / self-harm / etc.
Authors can give highlights or broad strokes, but not details
Ex: they can say a suicide / self harm happened, but cannot have in-depth descriptions of the details, injuries or physical sensations.
Suicide and self harm cannot be depicted as feeling good, being a relief, or as a means of escape.
Creators cannot show blood, gore or bodies resulting from a suicide.
Ex: blood dripping down the wrists, cuts, gunshot wounds or a body hanging in a noose, etc.

Hate Speech:
Hate speech - in any form - is not allowed. Specifically, references of – including but not limited to – any slur made on the basis of race, ethnic or national origin, religion, marital status, disability, gender, age, or sexual orientation.
References to persons who promote hate, and notorious political figures are only allowed in historical context and passing reference to communicate setting, era, theme, and / or time.
Promotion or honoring of hate symbols is not allowed at all.

I won’t show any of these. So I guess it’s okay. And if they delete my story : their loss.
And I don’t mind about not gettind paid, I’m not here for that !

But thanks, I appreciate your concern.


Thanks !

okay :grinning: that cleared it up for me. I’ll be sure to read your story once you release it!
peace & love :peace_symbol:

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Glad I could help you ! I had the same question in mind before, that’s why I read it all :stuck_out_tongue:
Looking forward to hear your opinion, I just started writing it.

lot of love :heart:

I went through a review by Episode on my story last August as it discusses many of these difficult topics as well (self-harm, assault, suicide). I have learned over the past year what is and is not acceptable. If you need any help in this area, please let me know. Always willing to help, especially when it comes to realistic stories that try to bring awareness to these issues.
I will say the hardest one to depict without crossing into violations is self-harm, especially if it is from the main character’s point of view.

I’d appreciate all the help I can get and of course, any advice !

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