Number of readers and how it makes you feel?

Number of Reads…

Sometimes it can get to people’s head. Sometimes it urges creators to write more.
And sometimes it can mean something more?

As someone who’s story only has 63 reads, I have a different perspective on number of reads.

To me,
I find is INSANE that 63 or less even, people read MY STORY. That’s INSANE!!!

Imagine, 63 people, who have regular lives and has hobbies took time out of their day to read your story?!

If I ever reach the thousands I might cry.
If I ever reach the tens of thousands I will stand in shock
If I ever reach the hundreds of thousands I will die.
And… if I ever reach the millions… I WOULD CRY, STAND SHOCKED, AND DIE IN MY GRAVE.

Having said all of this,
Every one of your readers is a living breathing human being and they read your work!
Don’t let numbers get to your head. You need to realize the magnitude of how many people saw your work.

Just a thought!


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