Number of readers and how it makes you feel?


Number of Reads…

Sometimes it can get to people’s head. Sometimes it urges creators to write more.
And sometimes it can mean something more?

As someone who’s story only has 63 reads, I have a different perspective on number of reads.

To me,
I find is INSANE that 63 or less even, people read MY STORY. That’s INSANE!!!

Imagine, 63 people, who have regular lives and has hobbies took time out of their day to read your story?!

If I ever reach the thousands I might cry.
If I ever reach the tens of thousands I will stand in shock
If I ever reach the hundreds of thousands I will die.
And… if I ever reach the millions… I WOULD CRY, STAND SHOCKED, AND DIE IN MY GRAVE.

Having said all of this,
Every one of your readers is a living breathing human being and they read your work!
Don’t let numbers get to your head. You need to realize the magnitude of how many people saw your work.

Just a thought!


This is kinda like the numbers of followers on ig or anything really like I have 12 people follwing me and I was shocked.


Well said!
I have also noticed that a lot of good stories have very few reads, while many stories that require little effort have a lot. If your story is good, the reader will remember it, think about it and appriciate it. If your readers do that, then every person reading suddenly becomes important.
I would choose few readers a hundred times over many readers that will barely remember your story.


It varies wildly among my stories. One has 15 reads (so around 5 readers, assuming everybody read all three episodes exactly once). My most successful has around 1700 reads (566 readers, give or take). I appreciate every reader for all of my stories. To me, what matters most is that they’ve all been openly enjoyed by at least someone.


OMG! THIS JUST MADE ME FEEL SOOO MUCH BETTER ABOUT MY WORK!! :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:
Idk, with my last story I let it get to my head. I can’t believe I stopped writing the story just for that purpose, for the readers and episode. That story that I wrote was mainly for me, not episode, but then it got all in my head to a point where I just kinda stopped writing.
I just like the thought of just getting to a place where I just enjoy JUST THE WRITING, yes, I think of numbers of readers a lot, but don’t write because of that, I write on here to see my creations really come alive. I want people to like it of course, but if people find it amazing and say it’s amazing, or say it’s their favorite story or something, I WILL LITERALLY DIE!
I’m not at that place YET, but I am getting there. BTW, what’s your story? I’ll check it out!


It’s very important that you write a story because you enjoy it and you’re doing it for your pleasure.
That makes the idea of having readers even better.
Because these people are readings something you’re passionate about and they’re liking it!
That’s amazing to think about.


My story is called Not to Hot (limelight) !!!


I’ll read it when I get my phone back (I share it with my siblings so they can steal it from me :sweat_smile:)


Here’s a link to my story since some you were asking!!!


Yep! Totally agree!


I don’t think Episode counts reads for the last episode in a story since technically the reader can’t “complete” it by going on to the next Episode, so a story with 3 episodes will get 2 reads per person if they complete it… so you may have a few more readers than you think :wink: