Nvm found a way to

I need help on zoom bc it’s not letting me zoom on a specific place of a the background that I want plz help I’ve tried many things and they didn’t work

Did u ouch the screen in the zoom u want?

you might not be putting the right zoom coordinates? use zoom helper and make sure you’re copying and pasting the exact numbers they give you :slight_smile:

I actually did but it’s not showing up on it

I did and I tried on mobile and still doesn’t zoom in it

It might have actually zoomed, but you didn’t notice because it barely zoomed inwards, and it was immediate.

Because 100% is the full screen, and you have 102% which isn’t that much at all

Ok but I want it to be on the coordinates when the background scene is next I tried @pan but it doesn’t show the part of the bed where I want

Can you send the the whole code for that scene? (including the background)

Sorry for the bother but thank u for help I just made the background into two panels in order to get the view point of where I wanted and I can’t delete this topic but sorry

No it’s fine. You may not be able to delete the thread, but you can lose it by using asking @Sydney_H to close it

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