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  • Don’t make the mafia boss the LI, and if you do, show the horrors of being married to a mafia boss. (Basically don’t let them live happily ever after).
  • Don’t romanticize any aspects of it because it’s a disgusting organization.
  • Do research and avoid misinterpreting or feeding into Italian stereotypes.

1- Do research. Seriously, there are so many mafia stories that make no sense. They aren’t all just ruthless killers. A lot of “mobsters” back in the day were business men that did illegal things and kept things like drugs out of their neighborhoods. They were ‘protectors’ for a fee- if that makes sense. Just, whichever one you choose, research it to death.
2- This is more of a request- please do not make another toxic LI and weak MC who is poor and needs rescuing. I would (and I’m sure others would, too) love to see an MC that doesn’t fall in insta-love with a “bad boy, murderer” mafia boss. It’s done to death and uninteresting to me. I’d love an MC that challenges the LI to better himself or his organization. Just sayin.
3- Pick unique names. If I see another “Riccardo”, I might throw things. Look through a few first episodes of some of the mafia stories to see the names that are most frequent and avoid it. It will help set your story stand out if it’s not something we’ve seen over and over.
4- Try to put a new spin on it. Give it something you yourself haven’t seen or read. And I can not say it enough -Develop your characters! Make them really feel like someone you might bump into on the street. The more developed your character is, the more your readers will care about them and the story.

All I can think of for now :smiley: Hope it helps a little.

This free 5 day course really helped me there’s a section on character development and a lot of downloadable/printables that come with it.


Thx for the tips I will definitely remember these things and I will admit at first the MC does come off semi weak but only cause she is still discovering herself but she does become a baddie and my LI isn’t toxic he is very caring and he isn’t a ruthless killer or the boss (the boss is a baddie independent woman)
If you wanna check out my story (I posted the first three episodes) it’s called Secrets and my name on episode is your._.girl._kay


Thx for your tips I will definitely consider it
If you wanna check out my story it’s called Secrets and my author name is your._.girl._Kay


That’s awesome, congrats. I don’t have a lot of time to read right now since I’m working on my own story but I’ll check it out. It seems like there will be a fair bit of personal growth for the MC, kudos for a Fem Boss and I’m glad that not having a toxic LI was in your priorities. So many of these mafia stories are toxic af and romanticize controling and manipulative men and glorify their ‘boss’ status in a criminal organization.

Good luck with your story- and like I said, the three biggest things are : Develop your characters, do your research and be aware of what you are promoting. :smiley:


Try to make it entertaining but not too cliche or a stereotype, it is pretty dangerous and should also inform people about it as well which would be cool I think.

Also make the MC strong and not some weak person, its 2020 we are independent and don’t need to rely on the LI to protect!

  • If you wanna write about the mafia, I’d advise you write it realistically. There is nothing hot about a guy that murders people. As @corvus.writes said, dont make the mafia boss a lot be interest.

  • Do not show misinterpretation of it. It’s not ok, it’s disgusting. So honestly I’d say you should do your research very well, before writing.

  • I’d love if you could show an independent woman who does not rely on the mafia boss to save her :see_no_evil: instead, make her independent, because honestly a girl does not need a guy for protection. They should be able to protect themselves, and if they can’t, then well that’s just plain sad.

  • I’d really love it if it’s not the girl that changes the guy, but the guy that changes himself. I honestly feel like it doesn’t make much sense for someone to change because of “love”. Like I get that maybe love might make them wanna change, but you can only change if you want to. This might just be a personal preference though, so don’t take this one too seriously.

The main thing is to really understand the mafia, and also character development is very important. I don’t want to see some weakling of a girl, or some beast of a guy.
Hope this helps :blob_hearts:


Just don’t make it too stereotypical, and if The scenes include all the bad stuff (you know what I mean I can’t say it here) then don’t make the boss LI, just don’t show him in a good way or a romantic way, (you know what I’m saying again) And biggest tip, avoid Assault scenes, I once created a mafia story myself and I included some assault and made the mafia li and episode didn’t let me publish it, even if it did, I think I’d receive shade eventually, So yeah, if you found this helpful, lemme know, all the best <33

Edit- oh and also, as said, characterise the guy carefully, like if he has Started this business with his own will and stuff then don’t present him in a good way, and as they say, Do what you feel like

  1. Don’t write one
  2. If you really want to write one, don’t focus only on the Italian mafia, there are many more
  3. Research the horrible things they’ve done
  4. Understand that the majority (if not all) mafia leaders are old men that live in the countryside
  5. We don’t need more stereotypes on Italians, just choose another organisation, it will make your story unique and different

Do people really not like mafia stories I’ve seen lots of negative comments and I’m questioning still writing it… Many people talk about how bad they are and how unsafe it is (which I understand) but this isn’t some story about a ruthless toxic killer my LI is very caring and sweet towards the MC which my MC isn’t some super weak girl that needs saving she does come off naive in the beginning but is still discovering herself and changes into a very strong independent woman also my LI isn’t the mafia boss it’s a female oh and one last thing they don’t just kill to kill they are protecters and I’m haven’t decided if I’m going with Italian mafia yet

You should get information before writing a story about something you clearly don’t know about. Mafia is a whole different thing than what you’re writing and you are romanticising a killer. Call it a gang or something else, this really offends people that live in fear for these organisations. Members of the mafia aren’t protectors.


Thanks for the tips x

I do try to show that it is a dangerous business and you need to be carful and also my MC does come off naive in the beginning but slowly discovers herself and becomes independent and strong also my LI isn’t toxic or some ruthless killer he is very caring and sweet also the mafia boss isn’t my LI it’s a strong female

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Just don’t lol


Like u can but you have to potray mafia for what really is


Ok so you think I should call it a gang notes I’ve seen many stories were it is mafia and they try to protect people in their city I’m very sorry if I have a offended you or anyone else I admit I haven’t researched it much yet I have posted my first three episodes but it doesn’t include any of this stuff yet

Mafia is never protecting people

Ok thanks x

Sorry I didn’t know I just got that info from the stories I read and I apologize

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They offer “protection” in exchange for money, the thing is if u don’t pay them they’re going to kill u