Oak Hills Academy -OFFICAL RP-



Welcome to Oak Hills Academy, where everyone is nice and sunny! Here In Oak Hills Academy in our 2018-2019 school year, we’ve added clubs. We also have dorms, any size. Dorm mates will be picked by The Principal, Mr. Oak. But, you can enroll here!
Also, a girl here has been murdered… everyone has secrets, and some talk…
Can one of you find out who did it?

**We will be starting in the morning, and your characters will get out and go ETC, or you can start with an intro, like; I moved from London to Here, I looked out the window…



Have fun!


Hailey Seashell

She yawned from her deep sleep. She walked to her closet choosing this. She did her hair in curls, and did her makeup, soon after she went in her car, since she was given drivers license. How you may ask? Hailey sighed, and drove to school. She opened the door to the school, and walked to her locker, and put things away.


Principal Oak

Why is there a prinicpal at an academy? Well, we don’t know. I sat in my principal’s office with a sigh. A deep one. I wonder why Hailey might bully kids here. Whatever… maybe it’s a stupid myth.


Luna Smith

She woke up late that morning, rushing to get into her car eating a pop tart :wink: on the way to her school, she practically only had a minute before to get changed into her clothes, she ran inside to find her locker.


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Shanina Chapman + DeShawn Williams

The two started walking down the hallway, hand in hand. Shanina’s hair was in a tight braided ponytail, swinging side to side on her back as she walked while DeShawn had his camera bouncing up and down on his chest. The breeze washed over them, though they felt warm in their own clothes. Shanina looks over at DeShawn and notice he gave out a slight shiver when they pasted the locker shrine. She clears her throat and says, “Are you gonna be okay?” Worryingly, she gripes her backpack straps. DeShawn starts to squeeze her hand, reassuring her. “I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about me.” “It’s just—I know you aren’t comfortable with this type of stuff. Especially with this atmosphere–” “Shani!” He stops walking and grabs both of her hands, looking into her eyes. “Stop worrying. I’m gonna be okay. Just chill.” She takes a deepbreath. “Alright. If you say you so.” “Good.” They start walking together again. DeShawn see’s she’s frowning a bit and gives her a slight kiss on the check. “Thank you for caring. I’m sorry If I was being harsh.” “You weren’t.” Shanina puts her head on his shoulder. “I was being dramatic. I just don’t want you to sad…” “I can never be sad when I’m with you.” He gives a a smile. Her cheeks starts to turn a light pink. Shanina grabs his collar and pushes him down to a locker nearby. “Same here.” She kisses him on the lips. DeShawn starts to wrap his arms around her waist, pushing her closer. He looks over her shoulder and notices someone watching. “Oh, Um Hi.” He lets go of Shanina and waves at them awkwardly. Shanina gives them a slanted smile. “Is this your locker?”



Iris sighed as her alarm clock set off. “Ugh” She groaned as all her unwanted memories came back after the thought of going back to that place. She was already 15 minutes late, talk about being organized. Iris quickly got ready and left the house.


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Iris leaned on her locker bobbing her head to the music in her beats headphones, avoiding any social contact. “Just get this year over with Iris, only a few months” she ranted in her head. She heard the voice of Hailey from across the hallway and looked up in an instant. “The only friend that I can stand” she mumbled as she removed her headphones to go greet Hailey. @Coolepisodes


Mr. Ford

I woke up this morning and put on my OUTFIT . I brushed my teeth and headed over to my CAR and drive to school. I go to my office before my fisr math class and I start surfing the web while preparing educational material for my next class.

ORP: Not yett approachable

Marno Riggs

My parents started nagging me in the morning. They wanted me to wake up and go to school. I woke up a bit too late but I hurried up. I put on my OUTFIT (withouth the beanie) and managed to get to the bus and therefroe to the school on time. I got to my locker and started preparing for my next class.

ORP: Approachable

Evgeni Gogol

My alrm clock woke me up. I wasn’t happy to go to school, but my freinds are all going to be there and it is the first day so I hope there’s not going to be anything for homework or for studying. I put on my OUTFIT after showering. I eat my breakfast and brush my teeth . My roomate gave me a ride to school. After I’ve arrived I went to my locker to get my things.

ORP: Approachable


I rolled my eyes as I lay looking at the ceiling school I was at my moms house waking house and so of course I didnt sleep that well. just hated being here in general. I stretched and stood up, making my way to my closet. I found what I wanted to wear and got it on, taking a look in the mirror after I was dressed. my hair had a natural curl to it, loose curls so I didnt bother doing anything with it and just put on the usual amount of make up. which was my eyebrows, mascara, some concealer and high light. I looked in the mirror in my bathroom this time and smiled to myself. “yeah I look good.” I told myself and then made my way down stairs, grabbing a granola bar on the way. not bother saying hi to frank who was reading the paper at the counter. I got a ride to school from one of my brothers friends who was still in high school. he was cute of course but hes also my brother friends so that’d be weird. he parked and we both made our way in.

I was up already early, went for my normal morning run then showered and changed into a pair of black jeans and a plain white t-shirt, grabbing a green and black flannel I put that over it. I made myself a protein shake and sat on top of the counter as I drank it. the house was empty like usual. my parents always gone on business trips. well my dad at least, my mom just usually tagged along to shop and go to the spa. once done I got in my jeep and went to pick up Tessa, my friends sister who was a year younger then me. I got to school and went to my locker, but all I grabbed was a pencil.

I left of apartment and got a coffee on the way to work. I got into the building and walked through the halls to my class room. it was my first year teaching so I was a little nervous. id done student teaching but now I was on my own. I looked through my emails.



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Tessa Christine

17, heterosexual, popular club, can be kinda rude, tells it how it is, sassy, can be sweet if you get to know her, likes to flirt, dry humor


-friends (Hailey Seashell)

Alec McKinley

26, history teacher, chill and relaxed, young for a teacher

Lucas Anderson

18, popular, kinda a bad boy, can be selfish and very over protective of those who he likes, flirty, likes to party and have a good time


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