Oak Hills Academy - RP SIGNUPS


Going to make a female and guy!


DONE WITH BOTH MADE 2 MALES(teacher and student) AND A FEMALE (student)
if anyone wants to plot lets
love, enemies, friends, etc?

Tessa Christine

17, heterosexual, popular club, can be kinda rude, tells it how it is, sassy, can be sweet if you get to know her, likes to flirt, dry humor


-friends (Hailey Seashell)

Alec McKinley

26, history teacher, chill and relaxed, young for a teacher

Lucas Anderson

18, popular, kinda a bad boy, can be selfish and very over protective of those who he likes, flirty, likes to party and have a good time


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I have a female student named “Hailey Seashell.”

Here’s Hailey’s Personality: She’s really funny, and hoping people notice her as the queen. Hailey can beat you in a spelling bee. But… she can also become queen B. But she’s really nice and sweet in the inside.

You can make Tessa friends with her or not, I don’t really care.


yeah, they can be friends! I made a male student too just added him!


You can RP as them, I’ll make the FCs in a minute.


Everyone, the Popular Club is filled up, everyone who’s signing up NOW, please be noted.


Did I make it in?


Yes, I’m making FCs and It’s slow because of school and all the headaches I have.


Okay, message me when I can start!!


Do some people mind helping me?

We might need like 2 people to help because I have LOTS of signups and I’d have to turn into FCs.

(Also, thanks @16AngelCat for helping me with organizing the slides.)


I can help


Sighed up!


@xXBlossomXx, I need your FC for Luna Smith,

What it is..


And, your backstory is a Personality…

Backstory I made up..

Lila was a young and powerful woman, working twice a day, she lived in Canada since she was born, and she moved to NY, now she lives in a fun life, forgetting the past. In the past she was divorced, and cheated on. Now she just lives the life as a single parent.


hey! is it too late to sign up ? :yellow_heart:


Nope. :slight_smile:


(sorry for the caps)


PM me.


Can I still sign up?




Hey @Coolepisodes I made my main character(Annalisa Bennedetta), but I also want to add her brother(Nathaniel Bennedetta). Am I allowed to have two characters?


@Coolepisodes Can I jump into the RP now or should I wait until his FC is up