Obraryce, School Of Witchcraft OFFICAL RP


Welcome to Obraryce, School Of Witchcraft
Only a few powerful witches, or powerful people are allowed!!
Here at Obraryce in England, we have lots of clubs, and dances. Mostly parties there is one by richest, and popular witch: Acelin Wolf! She’ll be having parties on fridays of course. In the beginning of the school year, you will be meeting are principal, Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones is a very nice principal. The teachers are a bit mysterious here and there… but there’s lots of other stuff here at Obraryce. There is lots of education, for all ages. The Jrs go to the JR’S school, which is right next to the High school. NOTE THAT The Jrs will not be going to Acelin Wolf’s party, they can do there homework or stay at home. The teenagers, will be able to arrive. Here at Obraryce there is a lot of drama, and fights. There is also drama about teachers too, So be careful about that. Also, we have classes about Computer Programming, Witch’s Spells 101, And more! For the Jrs we have a lot of classes, so don’t think your kid is missing out. People that don’t no much about spells or know nothing about spells are allowed too. Here at Obraryce we care about education! So go here today!

  1. Don’t join the RP without your sign up accepted or you didn’t even sign up!

  2. Don’t act as other peoples characters it can be rude to some people, you don’t have rights to act as there character if your not there’s

  3. Don’t make fun of people out of the RP!


  5. Zombies, or any character can NOT Kill or hurt anyone!

  6. Swear words will have to be blured or use *.


  8. Romance is allowed, Taking off clothes is fine too, but don’t go way way too far.

  9. Witches use spells, but don’t use them to kill or hurt anyone. Or, your character will be going to Mr. Jones’s Office.

  10. When we are at home, at nights/mornings, we are allowed to post things when your characters are at home/In dorms.
    Remember, Wizards are Male Witches

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Enjoy your day at Obraryce!


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Acelin Wolf

She changed into her outfit. She ate her breakfast and went downstairs, she grabbed her witch broom, and petted her cat. She ran outside, and flew on her broom to school. The moon was gone and the sun was shining. Her black hair moved by the wind, as she arrived at school, she opened the doors. The cold wind of a nice new school flew in her pale face, she went to her locker. It had a magic spell book, candles, and more. She put her bag away, shut her locker closed, and walked around the halls.


Obraryce School Of Witchcraft ~Discussion~

Sarena Valerie

She had been up all night brewing potions for her old neighbour to help combat her fatigue and couldn’t help but drink some as she felt herself slump into exhaustion. As she slowly but surely awakened from her sleepiness, she had a quick breakfast and flew off to school. Once arriving, her mind blanked; magic could fix many things, but not all. She was awake, her eyes wide open, her body alive. But her mind was fast asleep as she walked through the halls searching for her locker, finding it at long last after three laps of the same hall. After grabbing her things she continued pacing the corridors, cursing herself for spending her entire night brewing for that ungrateful old woman, and stumbled upon Acelin.



Acelin Wolf
Being Popular is boring She drops, as she saw Sarena infront of her, she got up, and dusted her clothes. “Hi, my name is Acelin.” She spoke. “What is your name, may I ask?” Acelin asked, as she looks around her. Tons of students crowding the halls, and talking. The students were ready for the first day of school, and Acelin was not. She looked at the girl, she was tired, and sleepy. She noticed her expression, and Acelin was thinking of bringing her to the cafe in the lunch room.



Sarena Valerie

“Hey there,” she said with a tired smile. “I’m Sarena, yawn I’m so tired, I forgot today was the first day and was up all night.” The girl seemed cool, she had approached her amidst the sea of students, and unlike them she seemed a little unsure about today. “I need sleep,” Sarena continued. “I ain’t ready for this, u don’t look too confident either.”



Acelin Wolf
“Sarena, You do seem tired how about I bring you to the cafe in the lunch room.” She’d speak. “I’m not ready for the test for magics.” Acelin sighed, as they walked to the cafe. The cafe was outstanding. She walked in with her. “Mostly because I can shapeshift into cats, with my spells.” She spoke, as she ordered both of them a coffee. She’d give Sarena a coffee. And Acelin grabbed a cup too.



Sarena Valerie
They stood in the café and Acelin got them coffee. “I’m not ready either for the tests. But I really want to study magic more, I lost my mentor so I’m a little clueless right now on what to do with my magic. I can do some stuff with basic spellbooks but that’s it.” She said and sipped her coffee. She was honestly kind of scared. What if I’m not good at this? Will I pass? She was as inexperienced as they come, the only magic being her ‘Little Witch’s Book Of Basic Enchantments’ which taught her how to cook 2 min noodles with the snap of a finger.



Acelin Wolf
“Hey, don’t worry. I can help you study before class.” Acelin spoke, as she sipped some of her coffee, as they walked to the tables to sit. “Or, I can cast a spell to make you have a lot of spells in your head, which is not following the rules.” Acelin sighed. She shapeshifted into a black cat. She jumped onto the table. “I mean, studying is a bit easier.” She spoke. She meowed. And jumped off the table, and unshapeshifted. She sighed. She yawned, as she drank some more of her coffee.


Sarena Valerie
“Could you? I need a lot of study, I’m behind,” she said as she sat down. “Magic is supposed to be the core of my existence and the only thing I can do is levitate things and cook ramen.” She sighed. If Acelin was really willing to show her the ropes than maybe Obraryce School Of Witchcraft would be a fun experience.



Acelin Wolf
“Okay, then.” She spoke. “Let’s get going, to the Library.” She slowly got up, and brings her coffee with her. She walked down the halls. “Mostly, you can choose your level. Beginner, Advanced, And Epic, Which one do you want to study?” Acelin asked. She opened the clear doors to the Library. The lights sparkled around, and Acelin walked to the magical books. She grabbed a witch spell book, for Beginners. She blowed off the dust. And sat at the tables close by. She opened the book, showing Sarena the book. “Here, the Herbal Bath of Love.” She spoke. “It’s important, if you’d like true love to be true.” She spoke again. Acelin mumbled some words, an pencil and paper dropped in front of Sarena.



Sarena Valerie
They sat in the library, Sarena peered at the book Acelin had shown her. “The Herbal Bath of Love… intriguing. I would like true love to be true, and this is for beginners so it’s perfect for me,” she said. Studying magic at a school of witchcraft, who would’ve thought? Well obviously everybody would think I’d come here, I’m a witch but- forget it… “So, where do I start?”



Acelin Wolf

“Well,” Acelin spoke, as she flipped pages. “Here.” She spoke, pointing to the words saying “Study here” She flipped that page, and found a spell of flight. She told her everything about the spell book, and then she sighed. As soon as she looked at the paper that Sarena wrote on. There were lots of words, and things that were important. “I think you’d know now.” Acelin smiled. As soon as she said that the bell ringed. “Welp, time for Magics.” She sighed.



Time for Magic 101!

We really do need more teachers, but we will figure it out!

Have fun!
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Sarena Valerie
Welp. I’ve studied, I know the basics, I have my foothold. Now it’s time to put it to some use… she thought as she shuffled to Magic class. This was stressful, but then again this was exhilarating. An all in all magical experience (pun intended). Once seated in class she sat patiently clearing her mind, this was one of her most, if not the most, important classes and she didn’t want to fail. Her newfound knowledge could hopefully be utilised today, she was itching to try it out.


Ms. Rain
She sat at the class teacher chair. She glanced at all the students. “Here we are at the Magic 101 test.” Ms. Rain spoke, as she looked at the class. She grabbed her wand, teleporting August and Acelin Wolf. August and Acelin are both siblings. “Now, shapeshift.” She spoke. Both siblings rolled there brown eyes and shapeshifted, into cats. Ms. Rain sighed, as she looked around her. “Everyone, I’ll give you a test, You must write down everything you can do.” She spoke, as she passed out the papers.



Arrives and goes to class


August Wolf
He sits back down with his sister, doing the test. He thought he was doing good, but in the inside he was nervous, scared and upset. He never ever did a test like this before.

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