Obraryce, School Of Witchcraft- RP SIGNUPS-


Welcome to Obraryce, School Of Witchcraft
Only a few powerful witches, or powerful people are allowed!!
Here at Obraryce in England, we have lots of clubs, and dances. Mostly parties there is one by richest, and popular witch: Acelin Wolf! She’ll be having parties on fridays of course. In the beginning of the school year, you will be meeting are principal, Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones is a very nice principal. The teachers are a bit mysterious here and there… but there’s lots of other stuff here at Obraryce. There is lots of education, for all ages. The Jrs go to the JR’S school, which is right next to the High school. NOTE THAT The Jrs will not be going to Acelin Wolf’s party, they can do there homework or stay at home. The teenagers, will be able to arrive. Here at Obraryce there is a lot of drama, and fights. There is also drama about teachers too, So be careful about that. Also, we have classes about Computer Programming, Witch’s Spells 101, And more! For the Jrs we have a lot of classes, so don’t think your kid is missing out. People that don’t no much about spells or know nothing about spells are allowed too. Here at Obraryce we care about education! So sign up here!

  1. Don’t join the RP without your sign up accepted or you didn’t even sign up!

  2. Don’t act as other peoples characters it can be rude to some people, you don’t have rights to act as there character if your not there’s

  3. Don’t make fun of people out of the RP!


  5. Zombies, or any character can NOT Kill or hurt anyone!

  6. Swear words will have to be blured or use *.


  8. Romance is allowed, Taking off clothes is fine too, but don’t go way way too far.

  9. Witches use spells, but don’t use them to kill or hurt anyone. Or, your character will be going to Mr. Jones’s Office.

  10. When we are at home, at nights/mornings, we are allowed to post things when your characters are at home/In dorms.
    Remember, Wizards are Male Witches

Character MAX is 7

Human sign ups: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeNr7uq20W9rea7Cp7o4roLoomN7KlD6XoNe4yzOVADUdJuEQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

Witches or powerful monsters: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfq0Kdh1o66GQAvEhqQg5qdOaak9LampTm0oI2cYH0aDnDLlg/viewform?usp=sf_link


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By: @Coolepisodes and @Epi.Sympatics Also, contact me, @Coolepisodes or @Epi.Sympatics if you have any questions or suggestions.

(Talent shows and more are coming soon)

Due: October 3rd, will be coming back after oct

Obraryce, School Of Witchcraft OFFICAL RP
I need a rp to join

Reserve for a female :slight_smile:

The Roleplay and Story Game Chat

Reserve femlae


Reserve for female


Got it :smile: Hope you’ll sign up soon :slight_smile:


Got it! :smile:


It’s Yours! :sunny:



I’m doing the faceclaims, but we don’t have anyone signing up yet, but who cares. I’m still doing faceclaims.


Reserve for a male and female character? Or only one?


You can have both.


On the powerful ocs slides it doesn’t have a face Claim slot?


Well, I submitted my characters. If you need the fc for the one that’s a “powerful oc” just let me know.


OH, sorry. I’ll change it.


Do you want me to just send the fc of that character?


Sure, but I’ll add the faceclaim slot now, but sure.


I mean I already submitted the character so here you go


What club would you like her to be in?


I submitted :blush:


Gothic club


Hey, faceclaims are links. If you’ll like I’ll grab a picture. But, also a Bio is a short thing… or something, kinda like a backstory. But, they backstory is kinda short. I’ll try to do something, but yeah.