Observations (Generically, nothing personal)

Ok, I love Episode. I love all the hard work the incredibly talented writers put in to keep all the readers happy and I appreciate it immensely! I read addictively! Thank you so much. Plus there are a few amazing stories that I think should be written into feature books.

But a few observations which I don’t understand why?

  • when somebody is kissing, their lips always ‘come crashing down’ on each other
  • everyone is ‘freaking’ or ‘damn’ hot?
  • why do girls always talk about their dreams when they are dating a boy, but get pregnant in college and stay at home raising kids??
  • do the sexy bad boys always have to be tamed?
  • is ‘smash and dash’ really a phrase?! Eew. Who uses it?? And it’s just boys who seem to do this…
  • does everybody get married before 22 years of age?
  • I love the k pop and robot dances and love authors that weave it in!
  • do all mean jealous girls always seek revenge? How many times can a woman scorned try to kill a rival or fake a pregnancy?
  • has anybody written an alien episode yet?

Haha, sorry, trying to keep it light hearted, but do you have any things that you’ve noticed (sweeping generalisations!) that you want to share?

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Why is this so true :sob::joy::joy: