Oceana's Art Requests v.2! ✨ [CLOSED]

Closed permanently :slight_smile:


Hi can I request please and sorry if I said that more than oce I am having internet problems

Hi!!! can i request a profile picture edit?
here are the deets! :heart:


Limelight/Ink : ink
Female/Male/Both : female
Hair : beach wave hair
Hair color : fawn
Face shape : oval
Eyebrows : mature round
Eyebrows color (Limelight) : none
Eyes : upturned feline
Eyes color : blue aqua
Nose : elven
Mouth : Full mouth pouty
Lipstick or natural lip color : Scarlet
Skin color : light
Outfits : your choice! but make it something mixed with cuteness nd badness
Poses or actions : can you make her listening to music like touching her headphones?
Background : something aesthetic and beautiful!
Text options : no text.
More details : can you add some freckles and headphones?
With or Without Make Up : with make-up please!

thank you!

Yes, go ahead! Just copy & paste the form you want to use!

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You’re on the pending list! Yay XD

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:smile: nothing can make me happier! :smile:

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Thank you! :sob::blush:

I think im gonna get flagged for offtopic but
@Klyye why :sob: you only included your self! What about friggin me?

You didn’t say your details man and let’s take this to a pm cuz if we cramped this thread up we both dead…

Here’s your profile edit! This was pretty tough to do. I hope you like it :smiley:


I love it!

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I will be requesting real soon!

Kk! :joy:

your art is nice!

Thank you :blush:

@Sydney_H Close the topic please :blush:

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Topic closed by OP request. :wink: