Octo's Art Shop! (CLOSED)

Hello all! This is SmileyOcto’s Art Shop! I can do Cover’s, art scenes, outlines, and character edits(pictures not video)
Please be aware that I’m still an amateur and still make mistakes sometimes.

So please be patient, and if there is something you don’t like, please let me know and I can fix it, but you only get 3 redos so.

Also, please know that I have a life outside of episode so I won’t have all the time in the world but I’ll try and get it down as quickly as possible.
Here are some of my past works:


Character Edits

Art scenes


Please use this to request!!

What are you requesting? (Cover, Character edit, etc)
Include if it is full body, or zoomed in

What character(s) would you like to include?
Leave your character details, and outfit, if applicable! And poses or reference picture

Do you have a time frame you need this done by? ( please be reasonable)

Any extra notes?

Just so you know, I will be finishing current requests but for now my art shop is temp closed!!! I need some time finish these and to work on a few for myself!! But if you’d like you can drop your character details so I can practice! THANK YOU LUVS!!

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I’m not here to get a cover or anything, but I was just gonna say that I really liked that last pic.you made! :grin::+1:


Well this is a flop oof

Can I request or it’s too late…?

Yes you can request!! As you can see I have no business so😁

I need a form

Oh yeah I need to add that, whoops,
What would you like to request?

I’m requesting a cover

I don’t need a cover but I really like the first and last one those are beautifull!


I made the form if you would like to fill it out!

I’m requesting a cover

Character details
Skin tone (Honey)
Eyebrow (Medium Angled)
Hair (Beach Wave Hair)
Hair color (Black)
Eyes (Almond Luxe)
Face (Defined Heart)
Lips (Full Round)
Lip color (Ruby Red)

The pose I want is I want her to wink :wink:… I want the background to be pink.

I need this by Friday…

Ok I’ll try and get it done by then!! Thanks for requesting!

Can you make me a cover or is it to late

Yep we are still open!

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I want my male and female to stand back to back she also holding a gun and he is also holding a gun
skintone: taupe
brow : thick arch
hair : short cropped black
eyes : classic round white
face shape : chiselled square
nose : button
lips : small round taupe
skin tone :olive
brow : defined natural
hair : straight charcoal
eyes : upturned bold blue
face : soft heart
nose : elven
lips : classic raspberry

Ok! I will try and get that done as quickly as I can!

thank you very much