Offering FREE story reviews/proof reading! 💕 💕

Hey Donacoders!! :crazy_face:

My current story is going pretty slow moving, so I’m trying to fill my time with something episode related :slight_smile:
I have previously done story reviews, but I lost access to the Instagram where I was based before so I have decided to move over to the forums to offer my FREE services. I mostly offer reviews/proof reading to those who want it for unpublished stories, as this is much easier for me, but I’m not opposed to reviewing newly published stories :hugs:

If you’re interested - Please reply to the thread with the following information:

1. Story name
2. Number of episodes you want to review
3.Published or unpublished
4. Genre
5. Description
And which service you would like:
6. A general review: I will give you a brief reply as to how I felt about the story
7. Proofread any mistakes, but not give an opinion on how I liked the story
8. All of the above: proofread, give an opinon and genrally include any suggestions I have.

I’d also like you to include which time zone you’re in, such as BST, so I can be aware of time differences.

It will be first come first serve, and will only be taking on 3 stories at any 1 time, to make sure that no one is waiting tooo long for a reply.

Once I have confirmed in the thread that I would like to review your story, I’ll ask you to send me the link to your story in a private message, which is where I will reply to you. I will be able to chat more on instagram if you would like, but the reviews will come through the forums as it is easier to set out.

THANKSSSSS :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  1. Tainted Souls
  2. Two
  3. Published - but have been revamping >.<
  4. Fantasy, Romance
  5. When Seraph gets sucked into the decadent side of the vampire world, she starts losing her humanity to save her heart. Will she fight for order or taint her soul for love?

I suppose 6, 7 and 8 are you asking which service we would like to have provided? If yes, all of the above if possible :flushed: Any feedback is welcome. Thanks so much in advance :white_heart:

Hi! Yes, 6,7&8 were asking for the service, I should have specified. Fantasy isn’t my fortee but it shouldn’t affect my ability to give you an informed review : )
PM me with the story link and I’ll LYK how I’ll proceed :two_hearts:

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GENRE : Adventure

Hi! Could you please reply to each of the questions listed above? I like to have as much information I can going in.

And what exactly you’d like me to do, regarding 6,7 and 8 - please pick one.

Thank you for doing this :heart_hands:

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  2. Episode 1,2&3
  3. Published
  4. Drama/Mystery
  5. 5 years after your brother’s death,you join the EBI Academy to find out what really happened to him.Will you find the person responsible or end up in some more trouble?

And 8. (All the above: proofread, give an opinon and genrally include any suggestions I have.)
Thank you :hugs:

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  1. Story name : Sionnan’s Beloved
  2. Number of episodes you want to review : Just One
    3.Published or unpublished : Unpublished
  3. Genre : Adventure
  4. Description : The story revolves around Jasper, a brave and courageous young man who sets out across Avelorn to deliver a message from the Crown Prince, Draven, to Emperor and the Princess.

Proofread and give me your opinion and suggestions too.

Thank you :blush:


Great! PM me with your story link. I’ll let you know as soon as I can get to it :slight_smile:

Of course! PM me with your story link and I’ll let you know when I can get to it.

Hey, i have a story i want to request for proof reading and another story i want to request for review. Can i do that? :))

Yes, but there is a little wait at the moment, so please specify which I should do first:)

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Yes sure, thanks! I would like to get a review done first if possible and could the review be sent through PM or ig DM @u.episode.u.


1. Story name My Lost Crown
2. Number of episodes you want to review 3
3.Published or unpublished Published
4. Genre Fantasy/Romance
5. Description An emotionless & cold princess soon to be queen lives in her castle all her life until she meets a man who makes her see differently about this world. So come and explore the dull and great piece of our world, as well as her reality. Will that reality help or hurt her? Find out for yourself.

And which service you would like:
6. A general review: I will give you a brief reply as to how I felt about the story

1. Sins
2. 3
3.Published-but have been revamping
4. Action
5. Imagine being one of the most famous jewel thieves in the world and you’re known as “Untouchable.” Will all that end with one slip-up and lead you to the place you dread the most?
6. proofread, give an opinion, and or generally include any suggestions you have.

Not sure how to upload a link to the story on this, but thank you!

There is a wait at the moment, so would you specify which story you’d like me to do first- the unpublished one will be much quicker since the published has much more chapters and is published, so I’ll have to use chapters.

Thank you so much for this! :pray: :hugs:
2. 5 episodes
3. Published
4. Genre: Sci-Fi
5. Description: A glitch in the system causes two strangers to realize that the world isn’t what they thought it was. Together, they try to discover the truth, and what’s real.
6. Only a general review

How can I get more reads? Because its been three years.

New romance story !.
(All of the above)
Story Name: Lyric and Rivalries :musical_score: :butterfly:

You had your whole life planned out but didn’t plan to cross paths with the city’s hottest rockstar. And even worse-he’s your worst enemy. (Full CC, Ll Art scenes, 1Li) (Romance, Mafia and dark romance)
Link Episode Writer Portal

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