Offering Read 4 Reads (R4R) - it's still open! Please read my rules before you are going to post your story

Here we go I read your story :heart:

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If you wish, we can do R4R

Here’s mine :slight_smile:

Name: Grimoire

Waking up in a new age, with no memories of her past life; Diasphora starts a journey of adaptation full of danger, action and romance, while she recovers her memories. What will happen when she discovers the truth?

Chapters : 5 (ongoing)

Genre: Fantasy/Drama/Action/Romance

Style: Limelight

Instagram: @storiesbyraven

This is the link of my story:

Hey dear, thank you so much.:relaxed: Sorry for the late reply. :frowning:
I have to finish @precenitygf 's story at first (I am on episode 8.)
And I will start your story then. :star:

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Hey dear! Just wanted to let you know that I have started your story and I will finish it tonight or tomorrow the latest :heart:

Done @Brooklynwoolf :slight_smile: