Offering Storytelling help


Do you need help with your storytelling, or do you want to check whenever your story is strong enough?

I have a love for storytelling and know a lot of ways to help people develop a strong story or how to write more easily.

I tried to write with people, but that didn’t work out that well, but I can give you tips and help you out if you have doubts. I won’t tell you to change your story or how to write it, just give you tips and examples.

And if you need help with conflicts, the plot, dialogue or character development, I’m your girl.

(for grammar I’m not your girl with dyslexia and coming from a half English speaking country)

Timezone: (UTC/GMT+1) (so you know when I can response)


This is very nice of you :star_struck:. I’ll note in my agenda.

Thanks, I love to help others since I know how hard writing can be.
I just have the luck to know the tricks and soon I’ll learn even more, but I want to share it :innocent:

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I was literally about to make a post asking for help!! can you read minds :scream::scream::scream: lol Can I PM you to talk about a story I’m working on? I think it’s too basic and uninteresting :disappointed:, maybe you can help me?


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I mean I don’t know how to start my story off I’ve been struggling for awhile…

A start is always hard PM me with your idea and I can give you some tips

hey, I’m actually working on my own first story rn maybe you can help me out ?

Sure! Pm me how I can help!

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If you are interested you could check this out our group story is all short stories WRITING GROUP APPLICATIONS (with a twist)