Offering To Make Templates For Scenes!



If anyone needs a template for any kind of scene, (party scenes, table scenes, club scenes, etc.) I am happy to make it for you! You can be as specific as you would like, if it is necessary.


  1. I need a party scene with just some background characters!
  2. I need a club scene using [BACKGROUND] and about 15 characters in total.
  3. I need a hallway scene using [BACKGROUND] with 4 characters in zone 1, 3 characters in zone 2, 5 characters in zone 3, and a character walking across the entire scene.

I might need to ask a few questions along the way if you don’t have very many specifics. Please make sure you give me a list of all the background character names so that I can put in your own characters instead of mine. SPECIFY WHETHER YOUR STORY IS INK OR LIMELIGHT! Animations are different depending on the character style.

Expect me to give you the template in a couple hours or up to a couple days, but it really depends on the type of template you are looking for.