Offering VERY Honest and Thorough Proofreading

Hi team,

I’m offering very honest and detailed proofreading to authors of stories that are not in the Romance genre.

This is a personal preference as I have trouble concentrating on a plot that is entirely based upon romance without other elements (i.e. a mystery with a strong romance subplot is fine). Under no circumstances will I review a story that involves the M*fia.

Stories must be unpublished so that I can review the content multiple times in the previewer.

I have strong English skills and am skilled in coding for the Episode platform. I will notice any grammar and punctuation errors, as well as lines of speech that don’t read well.

My reviews, as previously stated, will be honest. This means that I will not shy away from going into detail, and ask that you be prepared for an editorial style review — think of it like a novel editor, who will tell you exactly what works and what doesn’t.

I also study social work and am in my third year of my degree. I have extensive knowledge of sensitive ways to depict and discuss populations and groups (i.e. LGBT+ individuals). I am no expert, but I can give helpful pointers. Always go to the source first! I might be able to speak on bisexuality, but cannot speak on the experiences of POC.

So, if you have a harmful stereotype or plot device (a typical stock bully, a racial stereotype, a toxic love interest), I will highlight this to you and we can discuss better ways of going about it.

If you’re interested, please let me know in the comments below with a short description of your story, as well as the genre. I will DM you here on the forums and we can explore the best method to host our conversation (i.e. email).

I will only read the first 3 episodes. Thank you!


Always love a thorough review, unfortently I personally dont have anything unpublish I feel is at a point where is ready enough to be review.

but good luck.


No worries, thank you for the reply! If you have anything in the future you would like reviewed, feel free to bookmark this thread and return to it as needed.


I love to request in the future, though might not happen since all my time go to my publish stories not new once.

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my story isnt publishes but can you say if its good?

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Yes, I review stories that are not yet published. Is that what you are asking?


yup! let me give a second please!

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• Title : The Demon’s Baby

• Description : After a steamy night with a rather mysterious hot stranger, you get pregnant, you also find that he is more than just a person that meets the eye but a DEMON!!

• Features : Art scene, Limelight , Customisation

• Character : Alex (LI) Charlotte (MC)

• Release date : Probably after 2 months :sweat_smile:

• Link :

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I will PM you with my thoughts x


ok! i havent finished 1st episode lol!

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Hey, thank you so much for offering to do this! Here is my story info:

Title: The Final Heist
A law student. A billionaire. A jock. A delinquent.

The odds of their friendship surviving through the real world was always slim. But can they make it work for one Final Heist?

Hey can you please proofread my story
Title: Replay
Description: Forced to forfeit vacation for filming, sarcastic film star Alva Spencer gets stuck in a time-loop. Torn between recklessness and common sense - which will win?

Thank you so so so much

Hi there! I’ve got a couple of other people I’m assisting right now, but I’m going to be wrapping up soon and you’ll be contacted shortly! I’ve began reading ahead so will come prepared with my thoughts x

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Hiya! I’ll get to your story in the next couple of days! I apologise it’s not sooner, there’s a few people I’m already working with. I’ll DM you with all of my thoughts as soon as I can! x

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Thank you!! That works,

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Thank you, and I appreciate it!

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Is it okay if I bookmark this until my first 3 chapters are done?

Of course! That’s totally fine x

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thank you!

Man I am super interested in this but I’m not sure if my story counts as romance or not lol